Google Results in different locations

How to view Google results in different locations.

In my previous article I dealt with Googling your business. Now we'll look at using Google Adsense's preview tool to view search results when browsing in other countries. This is especially important for businesses looking for multi-regional growth.

When someone searches for your business while browsing in another country will they find you? Where do you rank in the search results? Let's look at how to use the tool.

Using the Google Adsense tool

You don't need to be logged in or have a Google Adsense account to use the preview tool. Simply go to their page here to start.

I'll use Cape Town Tutors, a company whose SEO I manage to explain results and give a few more tips to improve your rank. 

You need can change the city or town you want to search from on the left hand side. Also change the Google Domain as this will be the domain that the browser will access.

Geolocation Search Country Google Adsense Tool

A look at the Google Search results

We rank top for "Cape Town Tutors" in a number of countries. I tried searching ten and they were all the same. We see that the Google business page comes up first again and again.

However, if we search for "Tutors Cape Town" which is a more logical order of the words we see different results. For different cities and countries the ranks change. 

Lets analyze the results: