How to Improve your Google Search Ranking

About Google SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the art of getting onto the front page of Google. It requires time, effort and knowledge of how the world's greatest search engine works. The Google Search Algorithm is now so long that no one man understands it fully. All you can do is follow some basic best practices and use the following tips to give your site a top ranking.


Tips to Improve Google Rank

1. Install an SSL certificate.

Site security is becoming more and more important. Install an SSL certificate to improve search rank.

2. Ensure regular, good quality original content

When it comes to SEO, honesty is the best policy. Create good quality, original content that is relevant to your site.

3. Site naming

Consider naming your business what you do and where you are. Boston Plumbing contains the key search words "Plumbing" and "Boston". When people search for pluming in Boston it increases the chances of a higher google rank.

4. Find out how you rank in different regions

Google search results in different regions by using the Google Adwords preview tool. When people in different cities or countries search for your business this will show you what they see.

5. Use an image with correct Alt keywords

On your page be sure to feature relevant images with alt text on keywords you're trying to rank.

6. Embed a relevant video

Google also rewards relevant video content in their rankings.

7. Inbound links

Despite cracking down on nefarious back-linking Google has cannot monitor everything. You can still buy back-links but be careful as you could get blacklisted. The best way is to try and get bloggers and site-owner to link to you in their articles. You can do this by getting a network of content producers together and refer reader's to one another.

Google Drive creates a folder on your PC which is a mirror of the online Drive. Syncing occurs while you're online. The folder can be accessed even while Offline.