Tips to improve your Google Business Page

First Google Your Business

The best way to start using Google to grow your business is to "Google" your business. Find out what other people see when they do a search. Do this when you are logged out of your Google account. Preferably from a different IP address. The Google algorithm tailors it's results for specific regions and for individuals. If you would like to see what people in different countries see when they search Google read this article.

So when people search for your business what do they see? Do you come up first in the Google search? Are you even on the first page? If you don't even come up on the first page you have work to do. Start by setting up your Google Page so that Google knows you are open for business.

Let's Google one of the businesses I run, Cape Town Tutors

Google your Business results

Posting your photos

As the owner of your Google page you are able post your own photos on your management page.

When people find you in the Google search, often the first thing they look at is your pictures.

Confirm Google Business

Google Plus Pages

Google Plus has yet to pick up. Some businesses do use it but has more of a cult following compared to social media giants Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus seems to struggle with an identity crisis. It doesn't know whether it's Newsfeed for the everyday citizen or a network for people to come together. It's doesn't do news as well as News Companies or networking as well as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Google Plus does have one advantage. It's by Google which means Google Plus pages do appear in Google search results. Even if they don't deserve it. So you may as well get a page up and make it look decent. Here is a the Cape Town Tutors Google Page I set up. I haven't done much work on it but it's there.