Sunday , May 16 2021

3D fool to print the Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor on the screen

With smart phones that are now the primary display of every consumer in consumer technology, security is becoming more and more important, which is why the manufacturer often throws in a few biometric options for their devices.

One of the latest trends in the industry is the fingerprint sensor design, which is designed to help open more screen property, as it recently appeared in the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Unfortunately, the fingerprint sensor is not as secure as it might have been, especially if the person trying to hack has a 3D printer.

This brings us to an Imagery user who created a fingerprint with a 3D printer and deceived his Galaxy S10 to unlock.

Darkshark had several steps in that process, all of which sounded like something from a spy movie. He took a photo of his fingerprint, pulled out of a bottle of wine, which was then processed in Photoshop. From there, a model was created using 3ds Max, and The Verge noticed that it allowed it to extrude fingerprints for 3D printing.

Finally, printing lasted about 13 minutes after three different attempts to get the desired result. You can see said to print a silly Galaxy S10 sensor in the video below.

Although it's certainly quite true that it has gone through the S10 hacking in this particular case, and much more than most phone owners would have to worry about, the most interesting thing is that the new biometric technology Samsung uses for this device is not as safe as it used to be .

For this purpose, Samsung has opted for an ultrasonic sensor for its S10 devices instead of capacitive on the previous S-branded phones, which is also said to be safer and harder to tamper with.

Based on the evidence below, this is simply not the case.

To be honest, this is not the first time the old phone was stolen, with an iPhone X Face ID that was beaten with a simple face mask, for example.

In any case, smartphone makers still seem to have a way to go while their devices are not completely safe from physical hacking.

I tried to fool the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 using a 3D print. I succeed.

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