Tuesday , May 18 2021

Alex shutdown: YES, ANC in the defendant game as the protest began to spread to Sandton

ANC and DA in Gauteng hit each other after the tense protests that would intensify shook Alexandru.

Prime Minister Gauteng's candidate, Solly Msimanga, filed a complaint with Alexandra Police Station on Sunday. However, ANC in the provinces called it "a cheap political stunt".

YES in Gauteng claims that the ruling party has organized protests by Alexandre to influence the upcoming elections.

Msimanga said he has evidence that actions last week in Alexandra district were not a protest for delivering services, but criminal chaos, which, he said, carefully coordinated by ANC and its affiliates.

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"The Democratic Alliance (YES) saw WhatsApp messages from the South African National Civil Organization (SANCO) group, where coordinated activities targeting Mayor Johannesburg Hermann Mashabe," Msimanga said.

"We've also seen the WhatsApp exchange in which one of the organizers concludes their actions are backed by ANC. Further digging on social media revealed that the organizers were carrying the ANC regal."

"From the beginning, the social media mobilization associated with Alex's protests was guided by members of ANC, and most highlighted the leader of the criminal union campaign, Fikile Mbalula," he claims.

Impact on Elections

In addition to filing a lawsuit, Msimanga said he would also address the Election Commission SA (IEC), believing that the ANC had violated the Electoral Code of Conduct.

"Is there no violation of an electoral code of conduct in which people actually incite violence where people use scary tactics to influence elections coming on May 8."

"It is clear that the ANC fears the loss of the election on May 8 and that it will not stop even if it is held in Gauteng," Msimanga said.

Former Mayor Tshwane also said he would address national and provincial police commissioners to ensure that the issue was investigated and to ensure that allegedly orchestrated violence produced did not spread.

"We will also tell the police commissioner that he should not stay alone in Alexandria. He has already said that it will be coordinated in other areas."

The ANC back on Sunday said in a statement, saying that instead of meeting with Alexandre residents, the party decided to open the case as requested.

"Realizing that a prosecution's campaign fights in Gauteng since the party deployed another former mayor of Tshwane as the main candidate, the prosecutor now desperately looks for relevance," says Deputy PNA leader, ANC Gauteng, second Panyaza Lesufi.

The party said the prosecution should not hide behind the ANC and use it as an excuse for a sad failure to respond to the situation of those who lived in Alexandria since they took over the city of Joburg.

Alex protests

Last week, Alexandre residents, addressing service delivery issues, went out into the street. They called the mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashab to address them.

News24 reported on Wednesday that angry residents blocked the roads that led to the rubble area, burning tires and rocks as they conducted the demonstration of #AlexShutDown.

On Wednesday, Mashaba sent a member of his Mayor Michael Brown to address angry people. The community, however, laughed and screamed, drowning its voice in songs. Some have thrown racist insults on the Sun. In the end he was forced to leave the unstable area.

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On Thursday, a small group of residents began to protest again before quitting their actions by Friday, inviting Mashab to address them at a massive meeting expected next day in the country.

Mashaba also issued a statement Thursday, challenging President Cyril Ramaphos to accompany him in that area.

"Put time and place, Mr. President, I will be there, I wonder if you will be there I will take into account the last two years of government and you can count on more than two decades of government failure in Alexandria," Mashaba said,

Mashaba blamed previous administration, led by ANC, to cause problems in providing services in the city.

Mayor of Johannesburg said he would visit the area on April 15th.

During a massive Friday summit, Speaker promised, after speaking, that the barricades and tire burns on the Alexandre streets did not bring any results.

They said the protest would resume in neighboring Sandton on Monday.

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