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Apple said it was preparing a new 3-D camera for 2020 iPhone devices

FILE PHOTO: Apple plans to launch iPhone devices with a more powerful 3-D camera next year.
INTERNATIONAL – Apple plans to launch iPhone devices with a more powerful 3-D camera next year, which will increase company pressure on expanded reality, claiming people familiar with the plans.

3-D rear-facing camera, designed for environmental scanning to create three-dimensional reconstruction of the real world. It will work up to about 15 feet from the device, people said. This is in contrast to the current 3-D camera for iPhone, which directs users and works at a distance of 25 to 50 centimeters to provide Face Identity Face Detection.

Apple's new system uses a laser scanner, and not the existing point-of-sight technology that does not work well at longer distances, people claiming to be unidentified are arguing about unpublished features. It's just one of many new features – including the third, more advanced camera, enhanced photo-enhancing tools and the more powerful chip – which Apple plans to include in the future generation of iPhones, people said.

The 3-D laser camera will enhance the expanded reality on the iPhone, allowing for a more accurate perception of depth and the installation of virtual objects. This could also help the phone shoot images that can better depth, people said. Apple is in talks with Sony Corp. about testing the sensor for the new system, one of the people said.

While the virtual reality of a user enters a digital area, AR covers visuals and real-world view data. Examples of uses include viewing the building and displaying the structure details next to an image or referring to a repair manual for a mechanic while working on a defective machine. It was advertised as the wider appeal of the mass market than VR, and CEO of Apple's Tim Cook spoke of its prospects.

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The iPhone iPhone iPhone 2020 might be an introduction to the AR headphones that are being prepared in 2020. Apple spokeswoman refused to comment on company plans, which could change.

Apple had previously wanted to put a new 3-D camera system on the back of this year's high-end iPhone, but delayed it, said famous people. However, the technology giant Cupertino, California, doubles the camera's capabilities for its devices.

For 2019, Apple plans the iPhone XS and XS Max's successors – named D42 and D43 – and updates for the iPhone XR, people said. Bigger than the new high-end iPhone will have three cameras on the back, and other devices could come up with the upgraded system, people said.

The cameras have become one of the most important features in the saturated smart phone market. Better photos are a compelling reason for people to upgrade their devices, especially when other new features are either harder to design or are too unpleasant for most users to cost them. Apple has led improvements for smart phones with over-the-year accessories such as Portrait Mode. Rivals have tried to catch up with Samsung Electronics, which last year launched phones with even four out-facing cameras.

The iPhone still generates most of Apple's revenue, although device sales fell last year as people were more upgraded. This has prompted a fall in stocks that has wiped out more than $ 300 billion from the market value of the company since October. New models with more capable cameras could boost Apple's growth and re-activate, making these upcoming iPhones the most critical of years.

The third camera on the back of the iPhone 2019 will help the device capture larger viewing areas and enable a wider zoom range. It will also record multiple pixels so that Apple software can, for example, automatically fix a video or photo to fit into a subject that may have been accidentally cut off from the initial recording, to people familiar with the plans. The company also plans an improved version of its Live Photos feature, which pins video from before and after each shot on the photo. The new version will double the video length from three seconds to six seconds.

The 3-D laser camera could appear for the first time for upgrades for the iPad Pro, which is currently being planned in the spring of 2020, one of the people claims. Apple is not expected to release a major iPad Pro update this year as it was in 2018. Usually the line is upgraded in the second half of the year. Apple has in the past launched great new features on iPads before the iPhone, including 4G Internet connectivity in 2012.

Apple also tests some versions of this year's iPhone line that includes the USB-C connector instead of the Lightning port used on iPhone devices since 2012, indicating that the company plans an interruption to one of the people. Switching to USB-C will make new models compatible with chargers used for hundreds of other devices, such as Android phones.

This year's iPhone models will include an upgraded Apple processor and use an updated Face ID sensor to unlock the device and approve payments, people said. Devices will look similar to current models with larger changes expected in 2020 to adapt to plans for 5G network capabilities, Bloomberg News reported last year.

In addition to the iPhone, Apple is planning to release an updated version of its cheaper iPad with a 10-inch screen and a faster processor already this spring, claiming people familiar with the plans. This device is expected to keep the Lightning port, one of the people claims. The company also is preparing a new, cheaper iPad mini, its smallest tablet that has not been updated since 2015, people said.

FILE – This September 12, 2018, file photo Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of world marketing, talks about the new Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR at the Steve Jobs theater during the event to announce the new Apple Apple price from $ 1,100 to the latest iPhone, has attracted a lot of attention during the company's presentation. But by 60 percent less, you can still get a great camera and what was once the standard iPhone size in a two-year iPhone 7. (AP Photo / Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)

The next update to the Apple operating system, iOS 13, will include dark mode for easier night vision and improvements to CarPlay, the company's vehicle software. There will also be iPad-specific upgrades such as a new home screen, the ability to browse multiple versions of an application, such as pages in the web browser, and file management enhancements. The company will also integrate two new services, including a journal subscription service and original video content, through iOS update this year.

Every year since 2012. Apple launched its latest iPhone in September. The only exception was the release of the iPhone X in November 2017.


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