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Battle of ANC's website: The party fails to secure the verdict, instead wants to go to court

ANC failed to get the right domain name of its website after the judge, named by, ruled this week against the party.

The party contacted the body after the Unwembi Communications Service requested ownership of the domain ANC

News24 has earlier reported that there are allegations of non-payment of the R32m account to the service provider, prompting Unwemby to withdraw the plug, forcing the party to register a new domain and stay behind the years of data.

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"This site is suspended due to a non-payment of the service provider," read a message that welcomed the browsers who tried to access the site.

But in submitting to the judge, ANC said that Unwembi had published a malicious notice on the Web site, which had a serious impact on his image, brand and business.

The party claimed that Unwembi had acted in bad faith, irrespective of the agreements concluded, which were involved in the termination of the contract between the two sides.

He said he was now considering the lawsuit.

"Since the decision of the judge has ruled against the ANC, we will now pursue court proceedings on our domain and on the web site and have already reported to senior lawyers," the statement said.

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The party said that Unwembia was founded by individuals, with the assistance of ANC, who were initially part of the IT department of the movement who registered and developed the website.

"When Unwembi was founded in 1997, the ANC entrusted the companies with the responsibility to continue to manage their websites. About 2015 Unwemby's ownership changed hands when some of its founders withdrew," the statement said.

ANC said its struggle for ownership restitution and control over the domain name was a matter of principle.

"It's an important part of the 107-year-old heritage of our movement and people, and no private company or individual can claim the rights to this rich and glorious history."

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