Monday , May 17 2021

Blizzard announces the first enigmatic advice for Overwatch Archives 2019

Blizzard seems to have released the first track for this year's Archives 2019 event on Sunday, April 7, and it seems that the Overwatch team could go to the Caribbean.

The archive is a seasonal event that will provide gamers with a PvE mission based on Overwatch, such as the 2017 uprising and Retribution in 2018.

On Sunday, Overwatch published a link to a fictitious newspaper story from Havana to Cuba, which could be a hint of the next new PvE mode.

Blizzard Entertainment

Can Cuba be the site of the latest Overwatch map?

What do the newspapers say?

The story is related to a family who was forced to sell their little distillery to the "anonymous financial group" – we do not mention names, but it looks like the "Talon" is written on it.

Apart from the distillery, the story also mentions the historic fort of Havana Sea, which also buys the same anonymous financial group and turns into private property.

There is also a story about a hurricane that will embark on Cuba after the main feature of Don Rumbotica, so that the Archives' missions could take place during a crazy storm.

Overwatch does not have a Havana map so Blizzard could tease the whole new card for the players as part of the event.

Blizzard Entertainment

What does this mean?

The stories definitely set the stage for a few more indications and discovered in the days ahead of the beginning of the event, which should start on Tuesday, April 16, according to the procuration.

We still do not know what the Havana folder will look like; mention is made of several locations, such as distilleries and sea fortresses, which could point to a map of the king of the hill, but if we look at past events in the archives, they have used longer hybrid / eskort maps such as Rialto and King's order to make PvE missions.

Cuba is an interesting choice and fits in with the latest Overwatch hero, Baptiste, who is from Haiti. Cuba and Haiti are different countries, obviously, but both are on the islands in the Caribbean.

The New Overwatch cards are usually released every four months, between new releases of the hero, but Blizzard seems to give Overwatch players an extra ticket to celebrate this year's Archives event.

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