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BMW crash destiny: The traveler escaped with just cut to his finger

A passenger who survived a terrible race on N1 Street in Cape Town escaped with a finger.

A 24-year-old man, whose full name is known in News24, was handled by the Metro Emergency Medical Service at the accident site.

Spokeswoman of the Provincial Department of Health Mark van der Heever confirmed that the attendants were attending this man before being transferred to the New Somerset hospital for further examination.

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Driver Taufiq Carr, however, did not have so much luck. Sixteen-year-old entrepreneur from Mitchells Plain was on site treated with ER24 nurses for critical head and foot injuries. He was taken to hospital Vincent Palotti, where both his legs were amputated.

The first reports did not mention a passenger who was taken to the hospital before the responsible authorities arrived.

Carr on Monday, January 21, on Monday, January 21, crashed his BMW M3 on the N1 ramp near the Sable Road crossbar.

This week, the motion pictures and social media began to spin around the horrible photos of the incident.

One showed the observer who helped Carru after the collision. His bloody legs were moved and pulled out of the car with clearly broken left foot.

Bushes and flower buds that grow in the central center, with which they collide, can be seen on the floor of the vehicle.

News24 released footage taken on the passenger side of a luxury car Tuesday, which traveled 320 km / h before the collision.

Before that, there were no indications or official records of another passenger in Carro's car.

The passenger records the race with the other car and engine, at one point commenting: "And again and again and again and again and again."

The person says something silent and a few seconds later he shouted: "Hey!"

The recording begins to shake and the crash can be heard before the picture becomes black.

Another clip shows an observer who speaks seriously to the injured Carr, wondering who was with him. Carr answers, and the man calls: "Impressed, where are you?"

Meanwhile, she began to circulate a picture of Smiling Car sitting in the hospital bed.

One week ago, his mother Moesna told News24 that her son was sedated and was "not really aware".

Western Cape police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk said earlier this week that a criminal case of carelessness and negligence was registered.

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