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Card B and Offset are back together

Cards B and Offsets. Image: Instagram

Card B and Offset are back together.

The "bony yellow" hitmaker separated from the Migos repertoire – with whom she has the daughter of Culture for six months – in December, but now, as reported, she plans to return to their spouse's home for the first time in Atlanta since she was accused of being unfaithful to her,

Sources who said that TMZ Cardi agreed to return Offset after demonstrating their commitment to their relationship, and one of the key factors in the 26-year-old's decision was the "Motorsport" hitmaker who agreed to change the phone number.

To show Cardio serious about honesty and loyalty, Offset promised that his new line would only be available to his wife and business associates.

The couple also agreed with the rule & # 39; no groupies & # 39; and as a result, the Offset will not allow any cheerleader close to him when Migos performs his Super Bowl show at the weekend.

Rumors about the two returned together went past the end of last month when they saw them in Puerto Rico.

The source said then: "Cardi B wants Offset to be a part of Life Culture and wants to spend Christmas with his daughter. It's the first Christmas event in culture and a lot means that Cardi has a family … She plans to spend time and celebrate the feast [in the Dominican Republic]".

Offset has made a series of public gestures to bring Cardi back, the latest when he knocked down his alien husband at the Rolling Loud festival in Los Angeles, along with the massive "Take Me Back Card" made of white and red. roses. Although he refused his apology, he still thinks this is the right thing to do.

He recently tweeted: "All my mistakes have been published, I think it's only right to publish my apologies. N *** and he just tried ….. thank God for having no balloons sheeesh (sic)"

And Cardi had previously shared plans to "reset" in 2019.

She said, "It's all good, I'm very excited for 2019. – I feel like it's going to be reset." 2018 was a good, bad and ugly year, a lot of good, bad, too ugly.

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