Tuesday , May 18 2021

CLPSL Result: Highlanders vs. CAPS United

Follow our live transfer of Castle Lager Premier Football Match-day 2 action.


Highlanders 0-0 CAPS United

90 + 2 'Domica Chungwa rebounds for the ball, but the finish is off target.

90 'Free kick for CAPS United, Musarurwa takes it, clears it.

90 'Added three minutes.

87 'Free kick for CAPS United in a good position, in vain.

80 D The Prince Dube passes by Mwanjala before striking straight to the guard.

76 ers Highlanders Sub: B. Banda is due to injured D. Mhindiriri.

75 Nyoni is back, but Ariel Sibanda collects.

74 'A free kick for the CAPS in a dangerous position is taken by Ndaba, but the reins are recovering.

71 United CAPS United returns when Nyon jumps after getting the speed.

70 PS CAPS United now controls the home away procedure while Chungwa leaves the penalty area, but his effort has passed inches.

63 'Yellow card for Gabriela Nyoni (CAPS) and Peter Muduhwe (pitching after the two pushed and replaced).

57 'Highlanders Sub: Makaruse comes by M. Sibanda.

55 Sib M. Sibanda shook his head and found Masuku who headed straight to the goalkeeper.

54 inter Timely interception by Nyamupfukudze to hit the corner.

51. anda T. Makanda gets space, but his blockage was blocked before he found his way to the goal.

47 'Yellow card for Musaka (Highlanders).

45. Added two minutes.

41 & # 39; Musaka was given a free kick on a counterattack. Dube takes it but goes into the goal.

United CAPS United lives as dangerous as M. Sibanda, P. Dube and N. Masuku receive consecutive chances of a goal but can not hit the target.

30 'The unlucky P. Dube is again denied the timber after crossing the transition near the CAPS United box.

27 PS CAPS United Sub: Nyamupfukudz comes from the injured Sarupinde.

24 Sar CAP United Blessing Sarupinda came out in the ambulance after getting a kick from P. Musake. Nyamupfukudza is preparing to come.

20 man CAPS United dangerous man Gabriel Nyoni net taking any space as M. Ndlovu is firmly marking it.

13 ers Highlanders refused to driveway after P. Dube pulled out just to hit him upright.

12 A player from PS CAPS United takes a shot from the goal area but the keeper saves it.

11 D P. Dube with the ball but Makanda can not reach it.

8 – A great save by McClive Phiri after a corner kick but the referee clears his foul.

5 run Great shot from the far side with M. Sibandom in a good shotgun position, but selects for the squared ball that has been cleansed.

Highlanders XI: A. Sibanda, M. Ndlovu, P. Mudhuwa, T. Ndlovu, M. Phiri, N. Masuku, D. Mhindirira, P. Musaka, M. Sibanda, T. Makanda, P. Dube (C).

CAPS United XI: P. Chigumba, V. Musarurwa, M. Mwanjali, G. Goriyati, V. Ndaba, B. Sarupinda (Nyamupfukudza 27), J. Ngodzo, P. Bamusi, G. Nyoni, D. Chungwa, J ZHUWAWO.

Dynamos 1-2 Hwange

74 !!! Gol !!! Hwange leads Eddie Nkulunga.

66 !!! Gol !!! Eddie Nkulungo balanced for Hwange.

65 !!! Gol !!! Dynamos takes the lead through Tawanda Macheke.

Dynamo XI: S. Chinani, Jalai, Muringai, Mbega, Mawadza, Tigera, Ngahan, Moffat, Macheke, Maliselo, Sadomba.

Hwange XI: T. Mvula, K. Matake, N. Chinyerere, F. Chindungwe, G. Ndlovu, E. Nkhulungo, A. Banda, A. Ndlovu, S. Gahadzikwa, E. Gwatima, D. Maphosa.

Diamonds 3-1 Harare City

82 !!! Gol !!! Timir Mamvura makes him brave for Manica.

80 !!! Gol !!! Diamonds take over the lead through Marshall Mudehwe

44 !!! Gol !!! Tendai Kachembere balanced for Manica Diamonds from place.

28 !!! Gol !!! Moses Muchenja sends Harare City ahead.

Mania XI: Muchambo, Masibhera, Tachi, Munzwaba, Mpelele, Mukono, Mamvura, Kachembere, Mudehwe, Ngala, Lahwe.

City of Harare XI: Nyamupangedengu, Machazani, Chimwemwe, Muchenje, Ncube, Uchena, Mukanga, Tavengwa, Wadi, Vengesai, Muvirimi.

Chapung 2-2 black carriers

35 !!! Gol !!! Ian Nyoni equated Chapung.

30 !!! Gol !!! Mambare returns the advantage of Rhinos.

27 !!! Gol !!! Brighton Mugoni returns parity for Chapung.

17 !!! Gol !!! Moses Demer gives Rhino an advantage.

Chapungu XI: T. Shumba, E. Chitauro, H. Mugoniwa, C. Kwaramba, B. Mbavarira, E. Muzanenhamo, I. Nyoni, G. Muleya, A. Tavarwisa, B. Mugoni, X. Ncube.



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