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DNS Flag Day – The Telco Web site does not support the latest security features

The Internet business coalition has recently announced that it will stop supporting DNS troubleshooter solutions that do not meet the latest standards.

DNS is a system that translates domain names into Internet Protocol addresses that can be processed by devices.

The changes will be implemented from February 1, 2019, called the date Dan Flags of DNA.

Businesses say that DNS is unnecessarily slow and ineffective due to efforts to comply with several systems that do not comply with DNS standards established two decades ago.

"This change will affect domains hosted on authoritative servers that are not in line with original DNS standards from 1987 or later EDNS standards from 1999," they said.

Companies that are part of the coalition include Cisco, Cloudflare, Facebook, Google and Quad9.

Website DNS flags includes a domain testing method for alignment with new standards.

Testing the domains of the largest hosting and Internet service providers in South Africa resulted in a bulk error message for a major player site – Telkom.

"This domain does not support the latest DNS standards. As a result, this domain can not support the latest security features and can be a better target for network attackers than needed, "warns the DNS flag website.

To find out if organizations are ready to change, we talked with South African online gamers.


Nishal Goburdhan, Internet Exchange Manager for INX-ZA, said that all INX servers are fully aligned and ready for DNS Day Flags.

"INX server names are authoritative not only for Internet exchange but also for the government of South Africa (gov.za) and many IXPs and projects for community benefit in Africa," said Goburdhan.

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Teraco and the NAPA Africa technical director for connecting Andrew Owens told MyBroadband that their internal network and DNS are ready.

"Our outgoing DNS services host Cloudflare, one of the strongest movement movements, and is therefore consistent. Our inverted DNS is hosted internally and is also tested to ensure 100% compliance, "Owens said.

Owens clarified that Teraco does not offer hosting or networking services within the data center, so customers will be responsible for their own DNS flag.

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Hetzner said his network and hosting environment was ready for the DNA Flag Day.

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Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions said its DNS servers are ready. Her domains and clients hosted with them passed all the tests.

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Afrihost said he anticipated the change and ensured that she and her clients were not affected.

"We have completed the changes and we are ready to change. We will keep an eye on anything unexpected," said Afrihost.

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Technological Director Webafrica Alan Kirton told MyBroadband that they had completed preparations for the DNA Day flag and did not expect any surprises.

"Our DNS requirements are mostly solved by Cloudflare, or on the cage side by IS," Kirton said.

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Packing clearing house

The packet clearing house provides secondary DNS services for nearly 400 top-level domains.

"All PCH's global infrastructure is fully in line with DNS flag suggestions," the report states.

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MTN spokeswoman Jacqui O 'Sullivan confirmed that their network and hosting environments are ready for the DNA Flag Day.

"MTN has done its due attention and does not expect any problems on a big day."

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Vodacom said he was ready for the Day of Flagging of the DNS flag and will meet the deadline of February 1, 2019.

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Liquid Telecom – refused to comment

Liquid Telecom could not comment on whether their network and hosting environments are ready for the DNS Flag Day.

Liquid telecom

Telkom – No comments

Telkom did not respond to the request for a comment on the flag flag DNS flag.

The company has previously told MyBroadband that its systems are upgraded to a critical change and will monitor its DNS environments during switching.

"Telecom DNS systems have been updated with new keys, both on SAIX and Telkom Internet," Telekom's spokeswoman for MyBroadband said, afterwards.

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