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Do not buy Bitcoin! – warns media as well as rising BTC prices (again)

It is early to declare that the price of bitcoin is moving for another parabolic bull run. But you might want to take a repeat message "Do not Buy Bitcoin" from mainstream pressed salt.

Kids, do not buy Bitcoin

As a bitcoin price 00 It seems to be trying to shake the bear market, media titles begin to look like those at the end of 2017. Yeah, right before BTC hit a record high of nearly $ 20,000.

"Do not buy Bitcoin, warns a wealth manager" is the title of April 4th CNBC.

The problem is, however, almost literally since November 13, 2017 CNBC he said that "As Bitcoin rises and ICOs are spreading, advisers call for caution." The price, of course, doubled a month later.

In fact, in 2017 she was particularly fertile when she talked to the public that: Bitcoin Bad!

A member of the board of the German central bank, Carl-Ludwig Thiele, for example, warned against investing in a crypto currency in May 2017. Almost every bank in the world warned at some point on Bitcoin. And most of them really got their attention in the newspapers.

You read it Economic Times in October 2017, for example, when bitcoin was about $ 4,000, you would have learned "7 reasons not to invest in bitcoin, crypto currencies." Of course, a 500 percent increase in the price would eventually expire you.

But maybe he would give up and panic would buy for $ 19,000. Well, that would be your fault then. Yet it was a balloon. Did not you read the newspapers?


It is true that the main press does not care to make or to lose money. No one else in that respect. It's about ad clicks and revenue.

And what's better than changing fear and greed to get clicks? Why not both of them? Even better!

You bet on the price of cash on this regulated platform whose parent company advertises in the same newspaper that says it's better to bet on the price of bitcoin.

Forbes explained "6 reasons why Bitcoin futures better than Bitcoin" in December 2017. Three days later, however, they also said they "completely ignore" 1.400 percent bitcoin rally.


Here it is just about the following: it's all that noise.

You will learn very little about how Bitcoin reads the main newspaper. Most titles are based on the algorithm and can be written by the robot.

But just pointing at the price of bitcoin (because it's a trend) to challenge fear and / or greed and say "Look!" It works. That's why journalists are still doing it.

Distinguishing noise signals, however, is much harder than simply looking through some headlines and feeling like you've learned something.

This is only possible if research is carried out (DYOR). It takes time. But this is the only way to ensure that you make more educated decisions than reading a click. More importantly, decisions will be yours. It also fights FOMO in the latest virtual money or lives in ignorance and then with regret.

Bitcoin is not money. This piece of paper is.

Unfortunately, fear, uncertainty and suspicion (FUD) have been reprinted, replicated and echoed over the past decade since Bitcoin was first launched. In the newspapers, Bitcoin was a balloon in 2011. It was a balloon in 2017. And that's still a bubble.

But if it's always ready to pop, if it's just a fake, and "no money," why dedicate so much time and effort to discredit it?

Interestingly, some of the most significant publications are directly named by (fiat) billionaires. It is also not by chance that academics, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet – entities that benefit greatly from the status quo and have enormous influence on public opinion – also very anti-Bitcoin.

bitcoin Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett

It is fun that most people who held Bitcoin before 2017 surpassed "Oracle of Omaha" even after the fall.

Bitcoin has even beaten stocks like Amazons (AMZN) for the past seven years. But you will not know this reading of the Washington Post, which is still owned by the same type.

Is it really a surprise that the legacy financial institutions, Wall Street, banks, etc. Are throwing so much shadow on Bitcoin?

Probably not. That is why it is worthwhile to learn what Bitcoin is, why it was created and what could happen if global debt worth $ 243 billion represents another financial crisis.

Then it may become clear why the president of CME, for example, is so anti-bitcoin. Maybe you'll even get some … you know, in case the bubble reappears.

Do you believe reporting mainstream media about Bitcoin? Share your opinion below!

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