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Donald Trump has announced a golf grade that even some of the best players in the world envied and people did not buy it

Donald Trump is rough


  • US President Donald Trump recently filmed one of the finest golfers of his life on the USGA's tracking service, claiming to have impressed the impressive 68 players.
  • Many believe that Trump is a prodigious shooter on the track, and people on Twitter have quickly raised suspicion of Trump's shockingly good lap.
  • Although it is impossible to know if Trump's score was submitted as legitimate, fraudulent, misleading or joking, Trump's 28-stroke improvement had to raise his eyebrows.
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US President Donald Trump had one of the best golf circles in his life if he was to believe in the last reported rating.

Sports writer Leif Skodnick tweited a picture that showed that Trump got 68 points from GHIN, USGA's handicap service, from a course that had a rating of 75.3.

Trump has a reputation for being a pretty fertile scumbag at the golf course, where gambling partners sometimes invoke the likelihood of his mishit balls to endure a miracle in the waterway.

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Speaking with the Norwegian newspaper in 2018, LPGA golfer Suzann Pettersen said he saw Trump is a scam.

"He laughed like hell, so I do not know exactly how he is at work." They say that if you go golf, you go to work, "Pettersen said.

He continues: "He always says he's the best putter in the world, but in all the times I've played, he never approaches the 80th. But what's strange is that every time I talk to him, played 69, or has set a new track record or has won the club championship sometime. "

Between Trump's claims of shockingly low scores – there were 28 shots lower than the last round recorded in the service – and his reputation on the golf course, many people on Twitter quickly cast doubt on the validity of the US president's circuit.

As Dan Gartland in Sports Illustrated pointed out, The GHIN system is not the safest of databases requiring only a seven-digit identification number to enter the player's result, so it is also possible that another person has entered a dubious rating, either as a fault or as a scumbag.

Though it is impossible to know what Trump is right, unless you were in the field with him, the chance of a 72-year-old man to improve by almost 30 rounds between rounds at best seems thin.

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