Monday , May 17 2021

Dukwana's testimony can once and for all raise information …

Preliminary testimony of former MEC Moxoliza Dukwana of the Free State on Friday marked a significant expansion of the bodies of charges of transplantation to be considered by the Zondo Commission. Gupta, Bosas and abuse in large state entities are among the issues that have been unveiled before the judge Zonda. Now the commission and public attention will be directed to more provincial misuse of captured states.

Earlier performances by Angela Agrizi in the Zondo Commission supported the testimony of individuals with first-hand experience of how large-scale corruption and state-of-the-art corruption robberies have been introduced by the private sector and their public sector facilitators.

Agribusiness's stories of money bribe, bonnets, and cousins ​​that Bosas allegedly shared with many government officials and top politicians in exchange for inexpensive contracts provide a rare insight into mechanics behind major corruption. Testimony of people like Agrizi in any criminal case that might arise from the commission could in some cases be the difference between successful prosecution and acquittal.

MEC Mxolisi Dukwana, who was attracted to more than a dozen journalists and members of the public who attended the commission, turned some of their former bosses into the government in the same way that Agrizi turned to Bosas's top dogs.

In Dukwane's case, former Prime Minister of the Free State of America, Ace Magashule, is at the center of the discovery that the former OIK has decided to bring to the commission.

It's a key development. Private sector agencies are scarce, but in a provincial government that is afflicted with fear as Magashule's free state, such as Dukwane is even more rare in the breed.

That is why Dukwan's seemingly ordinary conversation with Deputy Head of Justice Zonda at the end of the trial on Friday is so significant. After Dukwana completed his now-reported report on the alleged visit to Saxonwoldu Magashule in 2011 and the allegedly acknowledged Atul Gupta that he was channeling R1 million a month from a mining project in the then prime minister's province, the former OIK had discussed some household problems with the president of the commission.

Dukwana wanted to know whether potential witnesses could testify in other languages ​​than in English. He suggested that there are many more people from the Free State who were familiar with Magashule's alleged corruption plans who would testify if they could do it in the mother tongue.

Since the commission allows testimony in all official languages, it would be welcome to testify in any language in which they feel comfortable, Zondo said.

In his view, there could be many more individuals from the ANC's Free State and government structures in the province who could approach the commission in the next few weeks or months with their own reports of Magashule's alleged offenses.

Naturally, they will come back to the commission at some point in the near future to elaborate their explosive claims and have undergone cross-examination. The latter process will undoubtedly provide very interesting moments. On Friday, journalists and other participants could not laugh when Dukwana explained that Atul Gupta once gave him 10,000 euros for "gas money" after meeting in one of the family businesses in Midrand. The truthfulness of what was claimed to be Dukwan's signatures on Government documents worth $ 140 million, including Guptas, and the then MEC department will also be investigated.

Dukwana should know that he is in a difficult situation, especially when it is time for him to attorneys of those involved in his testimony testifying about his grilling.

However, his contribution to reaching the bottom of Magashule's alleged empire of corruption will undoubtedly remain invaluable.

To begin with, Dukwan's story of Saxonwold's visit in 2011 contributes to similar claims by former Mayor Bloemfontein Thabo Manyoni. These claims put Magashule at the center of Gupta's shadow and include it as facilitator or facilitator of their allegedly captured schemas.

Dukwan's testimony in this regard can also confirm the accounts of former Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisia Jonas and other officials suggesting that Guptas has captured the executive responsibilities of former President Jacoba Zume for financial gain.

The report of the former MEC on a much earlier visit to Gupta together with Magashule could have far-reaching consequences for the generally accepted Gupta family's up-scale scale of shadow power.

Dukwana told the commission that he was taken to the Sahara Computers offices, one of the jewels in Gupta's current business empire, in 2008, when Magashule himself was still OIK. During the meeting, Magashule allegedly gave Atul Gupti a copy of his ID for paperwork to be completed in connection with an unknown business deal. Magashule therefore allegedly jumped into bed with his Saxonwold friends four years before Estina's connection with Gupt began to exhaust the cashier's province. Investigators should now determine which dubious arrangements, if any, may have been directed by Magashule to Guptas during that earlier time frame.

But the symbolism of Dukwan's testimony can ultimately be the greatest value.

The fact that one of the former Magashule OECs was willing to take over the former freelancer on a platform that is public as the Zondo Commission could be an incentive for a wave of new testimonies from one of the hinterland of the captured state. DM


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