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Hippo roaming streets Summon the arrows at last

The huge bullion bullwhip that had been spotted on the streets of Mbombele in Mpumalanga was finally caught and moved in the early morning hours in the morning.

The operation lasted about three hours to complete, Bossies Community Justice Director Albert Gryvenstein said on Monday for News24.

"In the last week, there was more to see the hickory, but each time we left, we could not find anything," Gryvenstein said.

So, when the call came late on Saturday night that the horses were rid of the R40 and the old KaNyamazane Road, Gryvenstein and his team reacted together with other emergency response units and Mpumalanga Wildlife Protection Services (MWPS).

"The R40 is one of the main roads in Mbombel, and this is a busy road, so we had to make sure that the hippo did not go on sale," said Gryvenstein.

The safety vehicle pool used to isolate the bladder while waiting for MWPS to arrive.

Gryvenstein said he was concerned that the hippo would be shot but the MWPS arrived with the truck and pointed out that the bull would be thrown and moved.

There is no easy task

But getting a fully-fledged bull of this size has jumped and moved to the truck is not an easy task.

"It took three arrows to sleep to sleep and had to lift it with a truck crane," Gryvenstein said. "That was an amazing thing."

Adult male horses can weigh between 1.3 and 1.5 tons.

Darting such a big animal is also an expensive endeavor.

"We underestimated its size, it was a stronger (huge) bull. After the other arrow was fired, the guy told me he already cost more than the R5,000.

According to Gryvenstein, the hippo is taken to MWPS and will eventually be sold and re-released in the wild.

Gryvenstein says it is difficult to determine where the nile horse came from.

Not the first time

Through it passes the Crocodile River [Mbombela], rain often happens to catch animals in the floods, bringing them here. This is not the first time this has happened.

"Such a bull can travel on long distances wandering across its territory, between 40 and 80 kilometers, from what I've heard, so it would have to move far beyond that, otherwise it will come back."

Hippo has since switched to security and remains under the supervision of MWPS.

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