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"Hope falls in love" – ​​Hollywood life

Ammika Harris was "rock" & # 39; Chrisa Browna faces her recent accusations of rape, and as we learned EXCLUSIVE, Rihanna was delighted to find someone who made her happy.

Days before being accused of raping a woman in Paris, Chris Brown, 29, with hot and heavy Ammika Harris, 25, at the Paris Circle Bonheur focal point. Following the allegation, she was there for Chrisa, supporting him while solving another scandal. It seems that Breezy and Amy gave romance a second snapshot, which caused a smile RihannaFace. "Rihanna is happy for Chris and Amy and he hopes to fall in love again," said the source close to Rihanna. HollywoodLife.com.

"Rihanna thinks that Amy is beautiful and she hopes she and Chris will laugh at each other," says insider. HollywoodLife.com"Rihanna does not feel any jealousy about Amica, R's trying not to worry about who Chris is, Rihanna has long since gone from her relationship with Chris." Although Chris does not put any marks on his relationship with Amy, the insider adds that Rihanna feels good when she sees "that she has healthier and more mature relationships".

Maybe Chris would calm down with Amy, especially after he was there for him during this scandal. While dealing with these rape charges, she was his "rock," the source said EXCLUSIVE HollywoodLife.com, Helped him stay positive during the scandal, and "grateful" how he worked. "Chris wants to make progress in life and Amy helps him with it." It's amazing how one of those "healthier, mature relationships" can do.

After the allegation – which Chris denied and filed a lawsuit against his prosecutor – Breezy plans to stay out of focus. Of course he did done Drop the song "Who Dis" about sleeping with different women "every night," which does not seem like the biggest move after being charged with rape. But Chris is "still going to live his life and work on music and videos and do what he needs for his Danish business," said expert EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife.com, "On [just] there will not be a human being out there. And maybe it's the best?

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