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How to increase online sales for local businesses

Google has published a guide on four ways to drive traffic from a local search to an offline local business and drive more sales. It’s a good reminder that Google has more than ten blue links on a search page.

Understanding all the ways customers are trying to find businesses will help create higher sales.

For local retailers, Google has shared how different types of searches are growing exponentially.

Three types of searches show a dramatic increase:

  1. The first type of search involves consumers looking for businesses that are local to them.
  2. The second type of search involves consumers looking for local businesses that have something specific in stock.
  3. The third type of search includes searches related to restaurants.


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Google’s guide shares:

Local retail

“Searches for” local “+” business “increased by more than 80% year on year, including searches like” local businesses near me “and” local business support “.

Searches for “who has” + “in stock” increased by more than 8,000% during the year, including searches such as “who has a Nintendo switch in stock” and “who has gym equipment in stock.”

Searches of local restaurants

Google then shared that dining consumers used not only Google search but also Google Ads to find data before buying. Google advertising can be a good way to gain additional competitive advantage.

Google shared:

“Two of the three consumers who dined said they searched to find information about food and drink during the pandemic.

Fifty-seven percent of consumers in the dining room said they discovered information about food and drinks during the pandemic through online ads. “

Think with a Google article: What’s new in a meal?

YouTube and local shopping

YouTube is not usually considered a way to attract sales to a local business. But that needs to be taken into account. Google displays YouTube videos in response to search queries and in a specific context that provide more information to search engines that need to know about the service or product.


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According to Google:

“Forty-five percent of viewers say they watch YouTube to watch a product demonstration before buying.

Viewers say they are twice as likely to buy something they saw on YouTube in a store or online compared to the average competitor. “

Google Maps

Google Maps is not usually considered a search engine. But like YouTube, people turn there to find local businesses that provide certain services.

This trend underscores the importance of requesting and collaborating with a free Google My Business account to improve your Google Maps listings.

Here, it’s important to keep in mind that Google Maps should be considered a search engine that provides a highly targeted context for the presence of your local business.

Google shared:

  • Google Maps searches for “curb download” increased by 9000% compared to last year in the US
  • Searches for “discounts” on Google Maps have grown globally by more than 100% year on year.
  • Google map searches for the “souvenir shop” have grown globally by more than 60% year on year. “

Google Maps is more than just a way to learn how to get from here to there. Consumers use it to find businesses.

Here are the main generic searches on Google Maps:
(Source: Google Data, USA, February 2021)

  • “Restaurants
  • hotels
  • restaurants near me
  • gas
  • food
  • food near me
  • Store
  • gas station
  • coffee
  • pizza”

Offline Sales Guide

Google also posted a short page to support businesses on how to get more traffic related to local search in addition to advertising, which also contained two tips that also apply to non-advertising-related traffic. (Create your digital shop window)

The first tip advised companies to build an online store and use it along with a free Google My Business account to stand out in local searches in regular Google search results and on Google Maps.

The second tip showed how to get up to 42% more referrals from Google.


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Google shared:

“The key to directing store traffic from the web to your physical location is letting customers know that you are nearby and that you have what they are looking for.

Companies that add photos to their business profiles receive 42% more referral requests on Google Maps and 35% more clicks to their websites than companies that don’t. “

That 42% and 35% increase in engagement due to photos is not surprising. In an article on images (5 benefits of using visual content in PDF marketing materials), I highlighted the ways in which images attract consumers and drive sales.


1. Images are emotionally appealing

Scientific research has found that images can positively affect viewer emotions which reinforces the marketing message.

2. Images reduce reading fatigue

People absorb information through images as well as text. Images should not be underestimated as a way to communicate how delicious a menu item or the professional level of your employees is.

3. Images are easier to remember

Images strongly influence consumers because they are easy to remember. According to research, consumers have the ability to remember over 2000 images a day with 90% accuracy.


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4. Graphs communicate visually

Graphs can be a fantastic way to communicate the superiority of your business or communicate ideas. According to neuroscientists at MIT, the human brain can recognize images within 13 milliseconds. Visual communication of ideas is a powerful way to successfully convey a marketing message.

5. Images build trust and increase profitability

Analyzing millions of auctions on eBay, researchers found that liberal use of images increases sales.

Google has more than ten links to search results

There are many things to take with you in Google’s helpful guide. The most important thing is to expand beyond trying to rank in Google search and consider ways to increase visibility on Google Maps and YouTube. In addition, it could be useful to add as many well-placed and photographed images as possible to show the professionalism and high quality of the products and services on offer.


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