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Jack Dorsey says Twitter makes "super simple" harass and abuse others, and solving the problem is his biggest concern

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was criticized for not breaking the abuse and false news on his platform.

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  • Twitter Director Jack Dorsey spoke of harassment and disinformation on his platform TED 2019 on Wednesday.
  • The day before, a journalist who broke the scandal with Cambridge Analytica criticized Dorsey, among other technological tycoons, which allows the spread of abuse on social media.
  • Dorsey said that Twitter was working to address this problem, but admitted that "the system makes it very easy to bully and abuse others".
  • Dorsey said that if he could imagine Twitter again, he would not count on "loved" people who do not encourage "healthy" content.

Director of Twitter Jack Dorsey entered TED on Tuesday, just one day after criticizing abuse and disinformation on his social media platform.

Dorsey talked with TED's chief, Chris Anderson, and curator of current affairs conference, Whitney Pennington Rodgers, about this very controversy.

"We saw abuse, we saw abuse, we saw manipulation, automation, human coordination, and disinformation," Dorsey said. "It's a dynamic we did not expect 13 years ago."

Dorsey said that his greatest concern was his ability to systematically solve that question. He recognized that Twitter created a "pretty terrible situation" for women – and especially women in color – but said the company was more reluctant to learn machine technology to identify offensive tweets as opposed to being individually reported by people.

"Right now the system makes it very easy to bully and abuse others," Dorsey said.

One of the issues with the current platform, he said, is to place inappropriate weight on the followers and likes it. Dorsey said that if he could come back and re-create Twitter, "he would not even have a similar count at all."

Even while the Chief Executive discussed his anti-abuse plans, he received pushback both on the stage and outside.

Carole Cadwalladr, a journalist who interrupted the scandal with Cambridge Analytic, gave Dorsey questions on the air, questioning her own experience of harassment on Twitter:

Earlier in TED, Cadwalladr called Dorsey and CEO Mark Zuckerberg as "the creators of authoritarianism," which allows the spread of social media abuse.

On stage, Chris Anderson continued to wonder why Dorsey did not deal with this more urgent problem. He was kidding with the CEO to join the world on a "big trip" called Twit-tanic, and the public warns him that he has an iceberg in front of him.

"We're going to the bridge and you show this great calm, but we all go," Jack, turn the wheel, "Anderson said, laughing from Dorsey and the crowd.

See Doris TED's discussion below below:

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