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Madikizela is guilty of following the social housing of Salt River at Brett Herron

Bonginkosi Madikizela, the head of the Western West, held a press briefing Thursday to clarify the concerns about the delay in the project of social housing in Sol.

Madikizela said the project was not blocked and was only put on hold due to some concerns set by the tribunal YES, GroundUp said.

Members of Housing Activist Groups Returning the City and Ndifuna Ukwazi stood in front of the headquarters of Western Cape after they were banned from entering.

Their songs and songs can be heard in the meeting room. They protested against what they believed was a lack of prosecutor's action in providing affordable housing in the state-subsidized center of the city.

The meeting began with Madikizelina's desire to "set a record straight". He argued that the prosecution was "racist" for delaying the project.

Madikizela blamed Brett Herron, a former member of the Mayor for Urban Development, who was a loud representative of state-subsidized flats near the city center, not only because of the delay in landfilling the Salt River landfill, but in past cases where the City could not handle outside its social housing program.

"We started developing Foreshore," he said. "Now you know very well what stopped the development of a forensic investigation against Brett," said Madikizela.

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He told reporters that YES was not guilty of social housing in the interior of the city.

"Those are the people who left this party … [that have] make the citizens of the city a great deal of damage. "

Madikizela defended urban social housing projects that are in progress, although no one in the interior of the city has been realized.

"If you look at our entire pipeline, clearly shows the commitment of this government [to social housing]".

The head of the subway DA Grant Twigg blamed Herron for the future of the Salt River development to no longer know.

"I would like to say that we have all the information at the next meeting of the council, but the person who was supposed to give it," he said.

Salt Dave Bryant's Lawyer also denied that the lawyer was divided around providing affordable housing for low-income Capetons.

"I did not find any councilors in the round table YES who had ever stood and said they were opposed to a well-located, affordable house in the interior of the city."

Bryant stated that the Department of Traffic and Urban Development had compiled a portfolio of social housing projects in Woodstock and Salt River.

"The challenge is not the projects themselves. Our challenge is the speed with which these things (social housing projects) develop."

"The decision … actually had to come to our full-fledged council in March, but it came to us in October," he said.

Karen Hendricks protested outside the meeting, along with dozens of Reclaim the City protesters. Three months ago, Hendricks was kicked out of the Woodstock home. He currently lives in an illegal occupation run by Reclaim the City at Woodstock Hospital.

& # 39; Accessible Residence & # 39;

Hendricks told GroundUp: "Salt River Markets Market was supposed to be the first place developed for affordable housing."

"As a person who lives in Woodstock, Salt River and which is part of the bigger movement of people, I think this project has long since," she said.

In the briefing, Bryant admitted, "Many of these projects are unfortunately taken too long."

However, the plaintiff puts the blame on the alleged mistakes made by former councilors. Madikizela said, "It is true that little has been done in terms of the development of the inner city."

He said the development had time.

"These developments are at different stages. Many people would know they do not have a year or two to build a house."

Both Herron and Communicare disputed the reasons YES gave due to the delay in the Salt River project.

Herron said, "This project has a long history, it takes too long to get to this point, and where a lawyer could show the state that he was devoted to what he said in his manifesto and his policy, he decided to send it back." (Read more about it here.)

"It is disappointing that in Cape Town, that political party still maintains an apartheid spatial heritage," one spokesman said after the press conference.

"We do not want to be displaced anymore," Hendricks said.

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