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Mara Louw rejects Hlaud's ACM and supports ANC for career prospects

Former Judge for idols of Idle Mara Louw. Image: Delivered
Johannesburg – Former Idol judge Idol Mara Louw handed Hlaudi Motsoeneng a prominent wooden microphone by saying in the WhatsApp message that he did not want to have anything to do with his new political party.

In text messages that The Star saw, a renowned performer told Motsoeneng to return the money he borrowed from him after a recent fall in tough times.

She added that her lawyers prepare a letter to the Election Commission (IEC) to remove him as a candidate for the African Parliamentary Movement for African Content (ACM).

Louw is in second place behind Motsoenenga, the founder of that organization, on the parliamentary party list, which was published on the official IEC website two weeks ago.

Her half-life on Motsoeneng came a few days after her alleged affiliation to ACM was published, but now she does not want any of that.

– I'm afraid I can not be part of your political journey. Please understand in your heart. I can not do it. Thank you for helping me out. I'll get the money back.

"After serious consideration, I realized I had a terrible mistake. When I asked for your help, I did not think I would be invited to join you at the party," wrote Louw Motsoeneng last week.

It comes after Motsoeneng has been disparaged by SABC, who refused to broadcast the published ACM manifesto in Durban.

Other well-known artists such as Blondie Makhene have shown support for the party in court, while several hundred people attended a party event that was held on a vacant stadium the same day.

Motsoeneng said on Friday that he could comment on the matter only after the manifesto was issued on Saturday.

However, the former SABC chief said that Romeo Ramuad, the party's chief secretary, would comment on behalf of his party and the party.

Ramuada said Louw was appointed by the ACM structure for her contribution to society.

He said he believed the veteran entertainer was afraid that ANC would drop it and "lose on unbeatable opportunities".

"We have no problem if Mara Louw thinks she wants to withdraw her candidacy, can write a letter and resign," Ramuada said.

– I feel like I do not live my life. She is deprived of the choice of what she wants and what she wants to do.

"That is why South Africa must accept the fact that, as a democratic country, people have the right to join the political party of their choice," he added.

In his text message to Motsoeneng, Louw said he was afraid of a "jumper ship" from ANC, which, as she said, her childhood political home, adding that it could cost her career and her position in the community.

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