Saturday , February 27 2021

Moody's police all black eye in training, will sit in the English conflict

LONDON – All Black Prime Minister Joe Moody will miss this weekend's clash against England after he snapped his cap during training, coach Steve Hansen said on Wednesday.

Hansen said the 30-year-old lynx would be separated for six weeks, which means they will miss the upcoming tests against Ireland and Italy's world champions.

He said Moody practiced the line when the other player's hand accidentally hit the eye.

"Joe Moody has been able to find ways to hurt this year in an unusual way," Hansen told reporters on Sunday night at Twickenham.

"He was picking up the line and jumping on someone's hand. Anyone else would probably miss it, but Joe …"

The injury adds to the frustrating season for Moody, who was hit by a series of injuries, including a broken thumb that hindered the Rugby Championship campaign.

Hansen said that New Zealanders are not a chance with Moody's vision.

"The plastic surgeon recommended six weeks, and as our doctor described, the cap is your window," he said.

"If you're missing half, you can not wipe your eyes and will affect your vision in the long term, and we have to make sure it's okay."

Moody recently signed up with all Blacks and Canterbury Crusaders by 2022.

Karl Tu & # 39; inukuafe is ready to start moving back to Moody, while Angus Ta's has called the team as a backup.

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