Sunday , May 16 2021

Motsoaleds send a team to the US via plans to reduce HIV / Aids treatment funding

America helps fund South African government initiatives to address the HIV / AIDS pandemic.

FILE: Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi. Image: Thomas Holder / EWN

JOHANNESBURG – Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said the government would send a team to the United States after the announcement that Washington plans to cut funding for HIV / AIDS treatment programs.

Motsoaledi said the announcement is not final at this stage. South Africa has the largest HIV / AIDS treatment plan in the world.

America helps finance the South African government's initiative to address the pandemic.

Motsoaledi said that 80% of HIV programs are funded by their own fiscal and 20% of development partners, including the US President's emergency aid plan (Pepfar).

Pepfar has donated more than $ 10 billion to South Africa for the financial year 2018/19.

Motsoaledi added that it is not just South Africa but also other countries, including India.

"Everything that your development partner does not fund, trying to find it internally. So it entirely depends on us as South Africans, we believe that living Americans must do something.

"But if we believe we live, we stand alone, and then it means that our internal sources have to do something."

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