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Naomi Campbell invites women to "gambling with their lives"

She talked about launching the Durex, Red and Global Fund campaigns to prevent HIV and AIDS, especially women and girls across the continent.

The campaign was launched at Rosebank in front of Word Aids Day on December 1st.

"Globally, 1000 young women are affected every day, so there are 7,000 infections a week for a deadly virus that we do not know how to actually prevent it." How do we prevent it? "We use our voices, we help each other and practice safe sex. and if you're in the heat of the moment and want to be with that person, you have to think about your future. "" Your health is your wealth and you do not want to ruin it for just one night of passion. "It's not worth it," Campbell said.

Through the campaign, more than 20 countries will raise awareness by buying Red Durex products and helping fund the program to run in South Africa.

While South Africa has the largest antiretroviral treatment program and the strategic national plan for combating HIV and AIDS, it still has the highest rate of epidemic in the world, with 7.2 million people aged 15 to 49 living with the 2017 virus . years.

Campbell said the country could still improve its anti-HIV strategy.

"Strategies such as creating nodes, you can have home groups, and if you can bring them to one person to prevent them from being irrelevant to your life, this is something with pride. There is an urgent need to spread preventive programs that primarily address the needs of young women and girls, which is what Red and Durex does, empowering young girls to speak, ask questions, take responsibility for discrimination, violence and sexual abuse can change the cause of this epidemic. "

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