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NASA Mars Landing – Flat Earthers Are Not Buying This Whole

Earlier this week, when NASA landed their InSight spacecraft, the world celebrated with them.

Shout-out to the two scientists who pulled off that elaborate handshake thingy, too, and they got what they deserved when the moment went viral.

Now the real hard yards begin, and InSight has two years of pretty important work ahead of it.

Of course, all of that is true if you believe that NASA actually sent a lander to Mars – enter the Flat Earthers.

They're not at all impressed with what they reckon is a massive hoax, as Newsweek reports:

Since the landing, they have taken to various social media outlets to discuss how the landing was faked and that NASA is hiding something.

Put on your tin foil hats and let's observe some of this peak intellectualism in action:

More like Bill Naai, amirite?

I sincerely hope that's a parody account, because the replies to the tweet are quick to point out the obvious:


Also, this:

Sure thing, Greg.

One more for the road:


Not that we need it, but here's an actual expert:

Andrew Coates, Professor of Physics at UK's University College London, is part of a forthcoming European Space Agency mission to the Red Planet-ExoMars 2020. He told Newsweek: "Mars is certainly round, as revealed by decades of space missions since the beginning of the space age, and hundreds of years of telescopic observations before that. In fact, look at the night sky itself around dusk tonight shows Mars shining [red coloured bright star] in the south, visible to the naked eye, but better in binoculars or a small telescope. Larger telescopes like the Hubble Space Telescope show that Mars is spinning on its axis and it presents different faces to us as it rotates.

"We also have several current orbiters at Mars including ESA's Mars Express and ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter [TGO], NASA's MRO, MAVEN, and Odyssey, and India's Mars Orbiter Mission, all of which are in orbit around a round planet. In addition there are current landers and rovers on the surface, including NASA's Insight, Curiosity and Opportunity, all of which use the orbiters as data relays, relying on their orbits of a round planet to do that.

Do not try and argue using logic, Andrew!

Some Friday advice – if you ever feel ill-equipped to deal with the rigors of life, or just want to laugh at other people for a while, check out the #ASP Durkin hashtag.

Happy Friday to everyone, even those of you unable to think critically in any way, shape or round form.


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