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Nipsey Hussle's closing words were discovered during the proceedings of the jury

Eric Holder is currently being sentenced for the death of beloved Nipsey Hussle rapper and revealing shocking details.

The Los Angeles Times managed to get transcripts of grand jury detailing the final exchange between Holder and Nipsey.

The repertoire of the "Victory Round" talked when Holder approached him and shot at him at least 10 times before knocking him in his head. In transcriptions, Nip looked at the Holder and said,

"You got me."

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During the introductory speeches, Deputy District Attorney John McKinney said the quarrel began when Holder approached Nipsey and talked about how cinkaris was.

– Obviously the conversation had some connection [Hussle] telling Mr. Holder that it was on the street that Mr. Holder was trying to find out – McKinney said in his statement. "The conversation was not particularly intense. It was not particularly warlike."

McKinney explained that he could hear a Holder looking for Hussle,

"So you never ran?" Or "Have not you twisted?"

Whatever the answer from Nipsey, it prompted the owner to return to the car where his girlfriend was waiting for him. Apparently she told her she was driving around the block as she filled the gun.

When Holder returned to the car, his girlfriend asked what happened, but claimed that she had threatened to molest her if she did not drive only D.A. said a big jury.

A woman who has been granted custody is called a woman1 and is a key role in the case. Immunity has been approved for testimony.

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