Sunday , May 9 2021

Offset gets Ripped After Cardi B paved the way for female raper, accusing black people do not support

Since Cardi B and offset improved their marriage and got together again Migos the rapper stood for his wife.

First, he did that at the end of last month after the old video card appeared, where he admitted he was drugging and robbing men when he was a stripper. The Bronx MC then received many reactions, and Offset wrote: "Drive or die forever. I love you no matter what happens.

Offset (R) received a lot of criticism because Cardi B (L) was told by women's repertoire. (Photo: Getty Images, Michael Kovač)

Now the creator of "Father 4" has again defended his wife after saying that she had put her way to women's repertoire.

"Everything you've dug out of my wife," he announced and wiped out. "You have every hope of not breathing for the rest of your life and catching money."

The men immediately raised the female rappers who left a trace in hip hop before Cardi beat the scene.

"Def lil Kim before Cardi. Love Cardi, but naw n, "wrote somebody.

"I'm pretty sure that there were women singers before," another person said.

– Acting like that Nicki Minaj she did not wear a female rap for ten years, "wrote the third.

Offset then returned with gunfire and said after his wife fell to "Bodak Yellow": "The world followed the suit."

After that, people were educating other artists who wandered the way to women's repertoire, for which Offset clarified their initial message. In addition, many said that Cardi could not pave the way because he admitted that he was using the ghost writer.

"Do not talk about a previous female artist who talks about the artist coming from my wife in the background," wrote member of Migos.

"Every bartender stripper with a dream come out of the club, it's a shame that's fine with that but my wife helps guide in life to try to fold everything in a stupid ass ppl at home on the couch tweeting suck my b-lls does not talk about the established an artist such as Legrand and those before Cardio, "added reporter Atlanta.

But people continued to hit him and he criticized the critique of pure hatred. The lyrics of "Bad and Boujee" also said to his defamers that he was too rich to be upset about their answers.

Then in his last tweet on that question, Offset said that the black people who gave him the hardest time on social media.

"We have set their kids to set their own properties and my rich mom too are we typing in mostly black ppl against them own smh in want your ppl down but i do not care," he Tweeted.

Cardi decided not to take any of this.

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