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Posher (upgraded) Prado? Lexus reveals the GX off-road concept!

Lexus GXOR Concept

Full armored armor and "safari" discs contribute to GXOR's off-road capabilities.

Lexus GXOR Concept

The Stealth Front Bumper has an integrated winch.

Lexus GXOR Concept

The XH1 trailer you see here costs over $ 50,000 (about 700,000!).

Lexus GXOR Concept

The 18-inch alloys of the GXOR concept were wrapped in rubber 275/79 General Grabber.

Lexus discovered the prototype version of the GX off-road concept, which he says was developed specifically for adventure thanks to his "unrivaled off-road capability".

Although GX is not available in South Africa, it is shared with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

According to Lexus, the new concept of GXOR "is inspired by passionate GX owners". The SUV is equipped with countless features that make it even more capable of leaving the runway.

What this SUV prototype stands out from the standard model is the reinforced suspension, full armor and lower 18-inch Lexus F Sport wheels, worn in General Grabber X3 tires (size 275/79). Disco, roof rack, 50-inch lighthouse on the roof and 160 watt solar panel are also part of the package.

Open the tailgate door and you will find aluminum tanks, custom trays, even a refrigerator. The outer part is finished with matte paint, and the front bumper is "hidden" with the winch.

Although the vehicle you see here does not share the same cosmetic updates that can be found on the recently updated version, it uses the GX460 naturally aspirated 4,6-liter V8 petrol mill, which is good for 225 kW and 446 Nm of torque.

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