Tuesday , June 15 2021

Slice of life: vacation easy, Roy | News | national

Roy Hargrove was a real job. He had the beauty in it, and perhaps more than just darkness.
For some reason these are the musicians who are usually gravitating.

I remember such a clear moment at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival in the first year.
Roy was on the stage taking solo, and it seems the band did not give him the energy she felt clearly. So, without warning, he took the horn out of his mouth, turned to the band and just screamed at them. No word – just an apparent spout. They were astonished at the action and duly followed him as he continued his solo.

This approach to music and life is not a choice, it is absolutely important to remain complacent. So thank you Roy for that. For always focusing on music and playing like your life depends on it … I think that's what he did in the end. Now stay easy. – Trumpeter Marcus Wyatt talked about Roy Hargrove, who died this week.

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