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Start at a lower level of stress

When you read this column, I hope I finished my first semifinal.

But for me it's too predictable to write about Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon this weekend.

So now I'm going to write about another "big deal" in my life – stress.

Aside from dealing with the marathon, I also go to the US at the annual Paleo f (x) conference and finish the certification as a Primal Play trainer.

So telling me to feel the stress is somewhat underprivileged.

April is the Moon of Stress Consciousness, so I was overwhelmed with information about what causes stress and how to deal best with it.

While the Oxford Dictionary simply defines it as "a state of mental or emotional stress," other sources point out that stress, rather than diagnosis, is a process that causes discomfort or discomfort and can lead to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression as well as physical illness such as cardiovascular diseases.

Stress is subjective, with some people who can handle the same set of stressors more capable than others.

The key is not to judge your or someone's ability to deal with these causes of stress.

For example, someone who's often used to traveling alone, my nervousness can find my anxiety about my trip. Then there are people whose stress is caused by situations that many of us might never imagine.

Examples are people who live in communities that are ravaged by violence or those who live in extreme poverty.

Children are particularly vulnerable because we often do not recognize through what they are going through.

I read about the organization that goes to school to teach students in the communities where they are exposed to violence, drugs and gangsterism.

Since September last year more than 900 students and 160 teachers participated in the Conscious Living program introduced by the Western Cape Education Department as part of their school trauma initiative.

While stress is the key to our survival, too much – and for longer periods – it can take our toll on our immune system and our emotional well-being.

It is necessary to learn to identify stressors and equip themselves with techniques for avoiding or solving stress.

Practically every practitioner recommends exercise. Even if you feel that your stress is bad enough to see a counselor about it, it is likely that a mental health expert will also recommend outdoor activities.

The reason of exercise is effective in helping to reduce stress hormones and releasing endorphins, hormones that feel good.

Exercise can also improve sleep quality and increase your self confidence. Other Simple Stress Management Techniques:

Write down your anxieties or tell them what you're thankful for. ¡Spend time with friends who make you happy.

– Find something you're laughing at. ¡Begin to resolve your list of obligations. • Do yoga exercises and / or breathe or meditate.

– Play with your pet.

– Encourage someone – positive physical contact helps lower the levels of stress hormones.

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