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The amazing thing Prince Philip did for his granddaughter William after Diana's tragic death Royal | News

The Princess of Wales died in a car accident in Paris when her sons William and Harry were only 15 and 12 years old. A week later, September 6, 1997, she was laid to rest and many observers were surprised to see her two sons walking in the funeral parade behind the coffin. The documentary Prince William in the thirties, released in June 2012 on YouTube, found out that William did not even know if he could pass on the funeral day.

The former royal BBC correspondent Jennie Bond said, "When the funeral came, I think William was still uncertain as to whether he would agree to walk behind his mother's coat."

Then his grandfather came in and offered William a true gesture of solidarity and love.

Ms. Elizabeth Anson, Queen of Cousins, said, "Grand Prince Phillip said," If I walk, will you? "

"And I think Prince William thought it was a great thing for his grandfather and I think it's a decision he'll never regret."

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Former royal ITN correspondent Nicholas Owen explained that it is incredible that the public sees three generations of royal men walking behind Diana's lion – Prince Philip, Prince Charles and her boys, William and Harry.

Relationships between Diane and Philip say that they have died for the rest of their lives, but when they hit the tragedy, everything was left behind for boys.

Mr. Owen said, "And then there is a coffin and there are boys walking behind with the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles – no one expected it!"

Dian's body was transported from the Kensington Palace in a carriage gun, next to Hyde Park to St. James, where he stayed five days before being returned to Kensington Palace.

The flag flag on the top of the palace was lowered to half the mast and a ceremony was held in the Westminster Abbey.

Big crowds gathered for Dian's funeral, but they all stood in silence.

Lady Anson said, "It was the unique atmosphere I've ever felt on London Street – you could somehow cut off the air."

The funeral was also screened on television, and it was watched by 32 million people.

As the camera zoomed, the audience saw the card at the top of the simple word "mummy".

Mrs. Bond said, "I do not think there is a mother in a country that had no bullet in her throat and nipple in her eye when she saw it."

Lady Anson added: "Many people died, but many mummies have not died so much in public."

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