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The father died for the last time to see the son of the killer

77-year-old Ebrahim Shah died an hour after hearing that his son was charged with appearing at the Durban High Court for murder and kidnapping by Miguel Louva. Image: Se-Anne Rall
Durban – hours before Father Phoenix took his last breath, his dying desire was to see his son in Westville Prison.

77-year-old Ebrahim Shah, father of Mohamed Vahed Ebrahim, a 43-year-old accused of kidnapping and murdering 9-year-old Miguel Louvo – died on Thursday shortly after his son was charged with appearing at the Durban High Court,

According to Shah's daughter, who did not want to be named, her father took the last breath as she pleaded to see her son once more.

She said her dad's health worsened as the case progressed. Although he tried to be present at all court hearings, Shah could not attend the hearing on Thursday due to bad health.

– My dad did not want to show it, but it killed him. Outside, it was strong for us, but inside we knew it was over, "she said. Chess's daughter said the family did not believe in "lies" spread to her brother and believes that media charges deeply hurt her father and ultimately contribute to his death.

"My father could not bear the fact that others would believe that his son was a monster. He heard and read all that he said about Vahedu and said that justice would be done and that everything is now in God's hands, "she said.

Chess's oldest grandson, who also refused to be named, said that the depression affecting his grandfather had a strong stiffness on the rest of the family. "We need justice so we can all find peace," he said, adding that they believed in his innocence.

Ebrahim's sister said she had contacted her brother, Chrisu Goundenu's attorney, requesting Vahedu on their behalf to attend a funeral on Thursday night, but nothing had happened.

Gounden confirmed that he was asked to see his client see his father on the day of his death.

– My client's sister contacted me and told me her father was dead and wanted to see a son. Approximately 15 minutes later I received another call for her father to die, "said Gounden.

Gounden said his client was unable to visit his father because the time frame was too short and was not sufficiently informed to organize the visit.

"There are many bureaucracies and administrative work that need to be taken into account before a visit can be scheduled." Louw's disappearance and subsequent deaths captured headlines all over the country. Apparently, in July 2016, Vahed was taken out of his school in Sydenham.

A broken body was found near Vahed's home in Longbury, Phoenix.

According to the indictment, Vahed killed Louva and left his body in the rugged area of ​​Phoenix where he was found on September 3 while police sought a robbery suspect.

"The accused was known to the deceased and his family. She occasionally stayed in the same residence as the deceased and doing jobs around their home.

"Shortly before the incident, the late mother and the accused were defeated. As a result, the Accused has decided to kill the deceased in order to avenge the deceased's mother, "read a summary of the essential facts in the indictment.

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