Sunday , April 11 2021

The Fortnite Outlines Mobile Roadmap, new features and performance improvements come in handy

Epic has outlined its upcoming plans for Fortneet on the mobile device, which includes several additional customization features, improved performance and snippets of podcasts. The announcement sets an ambitious set of improvements in its entirety, with various features that are already available or soon.

Available HUB settings that are editable are now available, allowing you to embed elements on the network and choose visibility settings for three game modes – building, editing, and fighting. In addition, the studio will look more closely at its control capabilities and has already brought the building from the speed dial button in a recent update 6.10. Epic also says it starts testing at different settings of the tester for testing support.

The front performance will be unlocking 60 FPS functionality on multiple mobile devices in the near future. They have to do some tests to make sure that the devices can withstand the load, but that seems just beyond the corner. It also works on overall improvements and performance optimization on Android and iOS devices and to reduce the amount of memory that a game plays. Finally, the studio is committed to reducing the size of updates and patches because they come on a weekly basis.

The latest Fortune Updates v6.22 added two new limited times and new heavy AR weapons. She also laid the foundations for new NFL skins that are said to come later this week. If you want to get started with a free Battle Royale game on your mobile phone, you may want to pick up a new starter kit.

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