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The National Lottery Results: The winning numbers for the Lotta draw on Saturday, June 29th

The winning numbers are in – here are the results of the National lottery draw for Lotto tonight, Saturday, June 29th.

There was a top jackpot of £ 3.8m for dinner at Lotto Draw.

Six winning numbers and bonus balls are now drawn to the main Lotto event.

The winning numbers on Saturday are: 44, 32, 11, 43, 47, 52

The ball bonus is: 27

If you miss, there are chances to win the Lottery every Saturday and Wednesday.

To play the game, select six numbers from one to 59 or take a happy sauce. It costs £ 2 per game.

You can buy tickets on a given date – Saturday and Wednesday – until 19:30.

And if your big prize goes away, there will also be one guaranteed millionaire and 20 winners of the prize game, which would still be nice.

And if you want to play more games, there are also EuroMillions every Tuesday and Friday and a new set for life on Monday and Thursday.


Plymouth winners at the lottery

  1. July 1995 – Mike Antonucci

    Antonucci, an agent of antiquity, spent ten years living a life of luxury after winning 2.8 million pounds.

    He spent his fortune on cars, a 12-week marriage with a model in the toilets and failed jobs.

    Then he returned to his old home recycling facility.

  2. October 1995 – Stan Chitty and Philip Gunning

    Mr. Chitty was a longtime friend of Mr. Antonucci and regular at the same pub, Clifton in Greenbank.

    He and his friend, the electrician Mr. Gunning, shared a £ 2.9 million jackpot.

    The pair, both from Greenbank, celebrated their victory with a pin and a dartboard.

    Two years later, Stan continued to work as a stand-alone carpenter and said, "I think the win at the lottery is the anti-peak."

    – I did not expect it. Why do not I want to work and lie on the beach 365 days a year? I would die of boredom.

  3. April 1999 – Western national drivers

    The union of 11 bus drivers from First Western National landed with incredible $ 8.1 million.

    Each member picked up £ 744,126 and they all quit the job.

    Ray Angear, of Prince Rock, later said, "All I will say is that this has changed our way of life, but not us as people."

  4. June 2004 – Factory workers cigli

    The 19-member union from the brick factory in Steer Point, near Brixton, took 2.7 million pounds – earning each one 142,998 pounds each.

    Most winners have decided they will not have any publicity.

    Trade union organizer Brian Doddridge, who at the age of 46 was from Plymstock, said: "It is a dream come true and will make life enjoyable for everyone."

  5. January 2005 – Pete Kyle

    A divorced father and former officer Mr. Kyle took 5.1 million pounds – but he spent only three years alone.

    He built a five-bedroom house in the closest part of Plymouth, bought beautiful cars and holidays, and, as reported, was too generous with friends and family.

    Last time he was seen living in Union Street Hotel worth 15 pounds, located between sex shops and tattoo salons.

  6. November 2007: Administration Staff of Plymouth University

    Eighteen members of the University's Natural Science and Mathematics faculty have won nearly half a million pounds, allocating unexpectedly 8.8 million pounds.

    Their age ranged from 21 to the retirement age – and they were trying to keep it as a secret.

    The cat soon came out of the bag – but it's not clear whether everyone else is in business or not.

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