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The VW brings the beach to the battery

Wolfsburg – Everyone who has spent some time on the coast, especially in the days that have fallen, will be familiar with the buggy on the beach – or duel buggy, as is known in other parts of the world.

In essence, the Buba chassis and the windscreen engine that freed your spirit from the annoyance of everyday motoring (and any anxiety you may have had on sea air and corrosion), these buggies were popular among surfers in many parts of the world, including South Africa.

Now Volkswagen wants to use this nostalgia just as it did with a millennium bubble and as it will do with a production version ID Buzz the concept that drives you all The vibration transceiver is translated into a futuristic package of electric vehicles.

The same is valid for this new vehicle with the concept concept that Volkswagen will introduce at the Geneva Motor Show in early March.

Although it has not yet been certified for production, Volkswagen has created it to show that its upcoming MEB platform for fully electric vehicles is flexible enough to accommodate smaller vehicles such as this – so it is our suspicion that eventually a green light will come if the public gets enough excitement around the car.

Just like these dudes from the 60s and 70s of the last century, the modern concept has open side edges and a fixed roof or door, although there is a large targa-style for the protection of passengers who erroneously assess the topography of the dune. Large wheels with off-road tires have also been pushed for good measure.

– Trolleys are more than a car. It is a vitality and energy on four wheels, "says chief designer VW Klaus Bischoff.

"These attributes are embodied in a new e-buggy that shows how modern, non-retro interpretation of the classics can look and, above all, the emotional connection that electric mobility can create."

There is no news on how much power it produces, but given the abundance of current torque offered by modern electric motors, the performance should be more than prominent.

If ever to come to production, the trolley will be part of the big family of electric cars set to start with the new hatchback of the size of the golf in 2020, followed by a crossover of a modern look, a combo-inspired MPV and perhaps a sedan.

These three concept cars give us an idea of ​​what Volkswagen's electric car family looks like.

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