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Tom Felton on Kinda & Harry Potter & # 39; Reunion with Natalia Tena

Potterheads Attention: If you want to watch Tom Felton and Natalia Tena's new YouTube premium series, "Origin", for the "Harry Potter" franchise reunion, that's fine Felton.

But you just know, the actor will invite you to play fast and relaxed here with "replication". After all, Draco Malfoy and Nymphadora Tonks (actors Felton and Tena in movies) have never met on screen – which means that "Origin" actually means Felton and Tena First time together.

"Oh, I hugged him," Felton told TheWrap when he asked if he was good with fans who adjust to what we have now explained not reunion. "Nat and I did not really laugh this day, Nat and I had never worked together before, and we never saw each other while we were recording. ; Harry Potter & # 39 ;. (may) But, as it is a reunion with other people, this is our first time. "

Felton says he and Tena are "more than happy to have a freakout," just make sure you come and enjoy the rest of the show.

Mika Watkins, the 10th episode of the first season of the show, follows a group of outsiders fleeing a ship bound for the far country. Now they have to work together to survive, but quickly realize that one of them is far from what they claim to be.

Felton – who says he has never seen "Star Wars" or "Star Trek," and "The Matrix" actually "scoffed" – says "Origin" "definitely qualifies as a sci-fi thriller."

"Structurally similar to" Lost "and similar to a movie franchise that relates to what is happening on board," says Felton. "But there are about ten passengers who are sent to another planet, who have volunteered to be programmed and will be premature rather than on the planet but still remain inside and abandoned by all other passengers and crew."

Felton plays Logan, who is considered a "naughty man."

"I think he has given up on people and relationships and any kind of love," says Felton. "And you do not know why yet, but his history will be revealed, and you will see that there is little trust in people at all, I think he leaves a nice life in the house, and this is his last attempt to find a new beginning. he can, he has a dirty mouth, he's very clever But he's a dear Deep down, he's sweet.

"I think the audience will be very surprised by his background, how much and why and who he came to make him on this boat," Felton added. "That's half the question," Would you do that? Is this something I would actually do? "Because it looks very close to home, it does not seem to exist in the future."

The "Origin" of the stars of Felton and Tena, along with the new-born Sen Mitsui. Watkins also writes executive products, along with Paul W.S. Anderson ("Resident Evil: Final Chapter", "AVP: Alien vs. Predator") directs the first two episodes.

"Origins" falls on YouTube Premium on November 14th.

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