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Video of the visit of Zumi, Myeni and Cele Bosaši deleted – Citizen

Employee of the Bosase branch, GTS (formerly known as Sondolo IT), told the investigative commission to arrest the state Thursday that it was ordered to delete a video clip on which former President Jacob Zuma accompanied by former SAA President Dudu Myeni and Police Minister Bheki Cele in visit Bosas premises.

An employee, Richard Le Roux, said, although he does not remember the year he visited, he remembered it was Saturday morning and was told to wipe out the footage of that afternoon.

Le Roux told the commission that when he returned to work in 2008, he was in charge of camera servers and company recordings.

He said on several occasions that guests of VIP or VVIP would visit Bosas, and he would have been sent by either CEO, Gavin Watson, or her former COO, Angelo Agrizi, to delete this record.

He said he never had the opportunity to watch the recordings to identify VIP or VVIP guests, but added that once he was able to identify Zum, Myeni and Cele as guests.

Earlier this week, a picture, apparently since 2015, when Myeni and Zuma met with Bosas' executives, caused flooding of social media commentaries.

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Le Roux's testimony continues:

Le Roux is expected to testify about Bosas's "special projects", which included the maintenance and installation of CCTV cameras and pool pumps, electrical fences, to name but a few, for government and ANC officials.

Agrizi earlier this week told the commission that ministers could invite Bosas to address their needs without special costs.

Former COO stated that the team has been in existence since 2013 and that "the state has never paid the bill" and that the company has rejected the costs as operating costs.

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