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What the teams said – Day of the race in Brazil


Hamilton moved away clean and looked at his hands full of terrible Verstappen. He leaned forward in middle tires, but was sitting on the duck when Verstappen came behind him on a fresh and fast fusion. That was the main one left … or was it? Hamilton had capitalized when Verstappen went ahead to grab an incredible ten-season win to secure Mercedes's second title of the constructor. Bottas struggled with the loss of tires throughout the year and slammed home fifth, knocking his "on ***" racing on the radio.

Lewis Hamilton, the first

"It's a real history for the team, if I should stop Mercedes this morning, I would always remember this day and that I was part of it and it was so cool This was a serious heavy age and everyone in this team fought so hard, harder than we've ever fought, and we're the most united we've ever been – not expected when you've had success in previous years and you could just drop the ball. "He continued to pick up the tape, today I was so heavy, but really I wanted to win and win this for the team, which is a great knock-on effect, and everyone in the team can now enter the last race and the winter, knowing that they have won the world title and are legendary. , at home at the factories, at PETRONAS and all our partners – I'm so proud to be part of this team – I'm really nervous to go back to the factory and hear the noisy sound – I think the atmosphere of the era will be incredible.I did not expect the Red Bulls today would you race, I thought they would be similar, but they were very fast. We fought the tires in the first place and were able to handle the tires better than us. In another sense, I was in the middle tire and had problems with the engine, so I was really trying to bring the car over the line. Max passed me, what was painful, but then they had problems and suddenly I came back to the lead. I was on the radio, saying to my engineers, "I do not want to give up, tell me what I need to do" – I pushed hard at the end, taking all the risks to bring him home with victory. This is high but I want to stay in that lead and win the next race. "

Valtteri Bottas, 5th place

"I am very happy and proud to be part of this team, and this is the hard work of every team member, both back at the Brackley and Brixworthus factories and on the trail – they really deserve this title. There are only a few people who are always in but in our team there are many, many hidden heroes – thank you all! We were all together under tremendous pressure, reduced our mistakes and done a great job of developing auto – huge congratulations to everyone, the race was a bit uncomfortable today, everything was either at the beginning of the planned, and at the beginning we could take the lead, but after that it was getting harder and first I fought with the overheating tires, in the other situation, I fought the bladder in the media, so we had to stop the second time, that today we did not have the speed, was a bit harder than I expected. He was a bit more optimistic ahead of the race, but overall and Great is the day for Mercedes. "

James Allison, Technical Director

"This is an incredible, amazing group of people built for many years. Skill and commitment to the sport that is known to be complicated – that all those ducks lined up in line, not just once or twice but the season after the season – is just incredible … which was difficult during this season was that the opposition was so fast that we came to the races without knowing if we would win, without knowing how to break us off, we thought we had thrown so many times – only to get them The fact that this year is so desperately close to shows that the difference between the teams is quite tiny – and that is Lewis, who made the difference this year, keeps him on the pole , we can make a mistake in the race, and he will recover it by the event unlikely on the track that nobody sees the arrival and has spent the whole year without making a point. at the beginning of the year, he had a lot of bad luck when he could win the race and did not have the same success Lewis had. Valtteri was stronger this year than last year, he was a brilliant team for all of us and a huge asset. "

Toto Wolff, Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Manager

"We just wrote the history of the championship – but the conquest of the 2nd World Cup is so overwhelming." Who would have thought it would be possible when we started this mission eight years ago? they are crazy, and yet, here we are today, after we've just matched the Ferrari record from Schumacher's. It is a great honor to introduce Mercedes to the track and I can not thank everyone enough for their brilliant job, here at Brackley and Brixwort, as well as for the continued support of Daimler from Stuttgart and PETRONAS in Kuala Lumpur and Turin. Nothing could be done without their contributions and without the hard work and passion of everyone in the team. he talked to Lewis on Sunday night in Mexico, he just won the fifth world championship, but both were not entirely happy – because our goal was to win both titles. so difficult today because he wanted to finish high, win the race and win the team's design championship. Valtteri had a trickier season from Lewis but this year he improved his performance and played a key role in this first success. Five consecutive titles – I'm immensely proud of this incredible success. "

Red Bull

Verstappen will need a little room to digest this. He was flawless in retrieving some of the big breaks early, picking it up in quick circles when it was important and took Hamilton for lead. He could not even imagine Ocon preventing something unkindly to happen … but the Frenchman tried to expose him, two were appalled and Verstappen lost his lead. With extreme damage to the floor he did well to finish the second before joining some handbags after a race with Oconom. It will catch the headlines, but Ricciardo also had a stellar move, managing a fair amount of clean spells to make his 11th to fourth run. Several laps, and maybe he grabbed the podium …

Daniel Ricciardo, fourth

"I'm lucky with my race, I'm happy with all the team's efforts, but I'm a bit disappointed to simply miss the podium." I caught Kimi and could see the podium, but unfortunately this was simply not enough. we did not blame anymore, I was entertained by some great battles, especially my passes in Botta.I told the radio teams I went for and I made it The battle with Seb was great, I think we might have touched once or twice, but I always appreciate it and how it races, we've had some battles in the way, sometimes we get a little warm, but I believe we know where the boundaries of others are, that's frustrating because every time we have a punishment, we seem to have a quick car if we It's bitterly sweet, I suppose, we did well, but if we started where I qualified to be able to do better, you can not look for a lot of startup from the beginning of 1 1. In any case, I do not regret the race, I did everything I could and I knew the team did, so that was what it was. With this pace we have today I really have some optimism that goes to Abu Dhabi. I feel like it's a stronger way for us than this, so maybe we can go there and drink some fake champagne. "

Max Verstappen, the other

"I would like to thank the team first and foremost, the car felt a tremendous race, even with the damaged floor to the end." Setting up, balance and strategy were perfect today. "To be competitive on the track we did not expect, it is really positive and it makes me I'm happy with the P2, which was supposed to be a win.This shows that we were successful without expectation It's really shame that we did not escape because of the incident with Oconom.Of course, the backmarker can be discouraged but took unnecessary amount of risk, especially against the leader of the race, who has been punished for a collision, so I think he is talking enough, and at the end of the day I am a passionate athlete who wants to win, this situation is frustrating and shows emotions when competing at the highest level. and the rest of the weekend and continue with the momentum in Abu Dhabi. "

Christian Horner, chief of staff

"Having a fantastic pace in the race today, it is incredibly disappointing to lose the win with Max, as it can only be described as irresponsible driving from the background. However, we had the phenomenal tempo that Max and Daniel showed.

"An extraordinary ride and great strategy enable Max to take the lead after stopping and Daniel has made a fast 11th on the net with some extraordinary overtaking, especially at Bottas and Vettel. The second and fourth are a good result for Team but we can not help, but we feel that we were robbed because it was supposed to be more … Daniel was so close to securing the third place on the podium and without a punishment who knows what he could do this afternoon rhythm and everyone in the team should be proud of their performance and We congratulate everyone in Mercedes, we know how difficult it is to win the Constructors' Championship, which was the dominant team this year and hopefully we can give them more difficult next year. "

Power of India

Perez had a quiet race, coming home well from Haas, but at least controlling the point. But Mexican is barely a news item. Ocon was lowered on the back of the pack and the second time he was overwhelmed with the leader of the race. He asked permission to find out he had the cooler tires. The power of India said that, he stopped by Verstappen and … there was not enough asphalt to move. The collision has lost the Dutch leadership and landed at Ocon with ten seconds of stopping and leaving. They blushed, exchanged heated words after the race, and you will not be sharing the plane home Friday night … or in the future.

Sergio Perez, 10th place

"I really did hope that this afternoon we can get rain, I've seen the clouds all over the race and it became darker, but in the end it has remained dry, I do not think we had a rhythm of racing to achieve more points today. It was a pity that we could not score more points and vulnerabilities that do not throw points, but we hope to finish the season, but we hope that we will finish the season with a better result in Abu Dhabi. "

Esteban Ocon, 15

"It was disappointing not to guess when we had good steps. I made good rewards for the whole race, but it all happened after contact with Max [Verstappen]He got out of the pit, I was behind him for almost two laps, but I was much faster than him and the team advised me to leave myself alone. I went out at the crossroads – the same move I made to Fernando [Alonso] and many others before, but Max did not give me any space. When I was next to him, I could not just disappear, so we crashed. But that was my corner and I had the right to space. I was sad for his behavior after the race: he was very aggressive and FIA guys had to intervene. This is not the way to handle these things. "

Otmar Szafnauer, team director and chief executive officer

"The salvation of one point was the only real result we could have achieved with regard to our difficult Saturday, Sergio finished a good race, battling the renaissance in the initial phase and opening the gap, was a rather lonely race afterwards because we could not close the gap on two Haas cars in front, but due to the circumstances it was a good result Esteban made a good job that made the terrain from the back of the net and would probably end in P11 if it was not in conflict with Verstappen The rules state that you can recognize and Esteban was much faster than Max at that stage. Unfortunately, he did not leave any space in the corner and it destroyed the race for both of them. "


Vettel fought with a line on the wing for the formation, which predicted his race. The start was dominated by Bottas and Verstappen, even his team-mate walked through, while the German could not get out of his soft tires. He has completed two stops on his way to the disappointing sixth. However, Raikkonen showed a good move to move Bottas and take third place. He had to work hard to keep up with Ricciardi in the final stages, but he was well protected to grab the 12th place in the season at his 150th race for Scuderia.

Sebastian Vettel, 6th place

"Obviously, this was not a light race, and I'm not happy with the sixth place. I tried to do it all but the car was hard to drive and I even fought for the plane, but I'm lucky Kimi got on the winning pod is a good result for us, even if we have not won the Constructors' Championship, honestly, I do not think it is an advantage for us to start with soft tires because supersofts lasted longer than expected, but that was either. good, but the other was not so good because I had no place to go with Lewis in front of me .I think we just did not have enough grip in the second part of the "essay", Lewis and Valtteri worked together and did not have a chance. faster on the brakes to get Valtteri got an outside line, then in circuit 2 or 3. Max was passing while he was faster. There is not much to say because this year Mercedes was stronger than us and we can only congratulate them . "

Kimi Raikkonen, third

"It was a beautiful exciting race, we had good battles throughout the race and the car worked well throughout the race, speed was there and we did not have any special problems, the first set of tires was very good at the start and I was really happy I did, but then I destroyed them a little, trying to pass the Mercedes, once we changed the tires, the car was absolutely okay, we knew that when we were having trouble passed by them it is still very good, but in that we are The moment was a bit too late, because it took too long to come there.With the strategy, we did what we thought was best for us.We can always talk about many things but today we did the best of it, obviously not the biggest result , but I do not think we could get more, we did not make any mistakes and struggled hard. As for the constructor's championship we knew it would be difficult, we did the best, but unfortunately it was not the best team won this year, that's how it goes. "

Maurizio Arrivabene, the chief team

"Unfortunately, although Kimi ended up today on the winning stand, we did not succeed in achieving our goal, which was to keep the battle for the title builder. From the very beginning, we became aware of the problem with the sensor at Seb's car, which means he had to run the race for the whole race different settings to those who would otherwise use and what the car was hard to drive.


Ericsson had problems before the race started even when a piece of his diffuser was flying on the way to the net. He then collided with Grosjean at the beginning and suffered more damage and lowered the pitch. There was a bandage before he entered a pit that complained of a rent-a-car. Leclerc has profited from his team to torment the accident to inherit the seventh, which he kept throughout the race, wisely chose and chose his battles.

Marcus Ericsson, DNF

"Disappointing the end of such a big weekend, I had contact with the other car right after the start and after that the vehicle was difficult to ride, the balance differed from the rest of the weekend and the damage worsened even worse We had to withdraw from the race – especially after such fantastic qualifications, but we'll be back stronger in the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. "

Charles Leclerc, seventh

"I am very pleased with the race, the end of the 7th place is a positive result we can be satisfied with. It was fun to ride on this track and add more points to our group to strengthen our 8th place in the Constructors' Championship is a positive feeling for the whole team. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do in Abu Dhabi. "

Frédéric Vasseur, team leader

"All in all, this was a positive weekend for our team." Both drivers gave strong qualifiers and started the race at the top of the midfield, with Charles finishing the 7th place a good step forward in the P8 Championship's consolidation. Sao Paulo had mixed feelings because Marcus had to retire from the race. After contact with the other car, his floor and front wound damaged, which made him unable to finish, but our step is good and we are struggling for the championship positions. Our progress is continuing, and this is a reward for hard work on the track and a factory in Switzerland this year. I'm looking forward to the end of the season in a strong form in Abu Dhabi. "


Grosjean was beginning to get tired of Ericsson, losing part of the body that cost him a valuable downforce. Coming home to eight was impressive as a result. Magnussen closed on the team but could not get close enough to the late move before he was told to hold the station. The double point overcomes the lack of Renault in the constructors, although it is difficult to ask them to revise them with one race for …

Romain Grosjean, 8th year

"I am very happy and very happy team, with the injury we had on the car after the circuit, I was impressed, we missed about a second of pushing on the car, to be able to do so many times, I think we did a fabulous job at setup. I'm happy that we finished eighth and ninth Even if we were far from the Renault at points, the double points in the last two races would be unbelievable in the winter . "

Kevin Magnussen, 9th place

"It was a tough match in the first round, I started well and got very good one after the other, and then I was kicked off in the fourth round and lost a few places, I have to return these positions and close the gap to Romain again. it is good to bounce back from the hard luck we experienced yesterday when I did not really qualify where I should have. "We did the restriction of the damage." I'm happy to go with the points. "

Guenther Steiner, the team

"It was a good result to have both cars in the dots, all excellent work throughout the weekend, and that's what you get when you do the job well. It was fantastic to circulate Renault ahead of us in the championship."


Hulkenberg and Sainz had rivalry in the first few laps, and even casters that, due to their insecurity in the designers, would not be too happy with Renault. But they soon settled down until Hulkenberg was pulled into the pit to retreat to the temperature. Sainz has at least seen the flagpole, but he has come home to a disappointing 12th place.

Nico Hulkenberg, DNF

"It was a shame to withdraw from the race, but the heavy call was stopped because of the engine's excessive engine temperature, which is not good for the Power Unit, so it's not worth the risk, which is disappointing because I was on the reverse strategy and that would mean tires at the fresh end of the race In addition, it was fun to race Carlos on several occasions, but it was close, but we left enough room for each room and it was nice and square, we'll be back for the finals in Abu Dhabi and we'll give it all. "

Carlos Sainz, 12 years old

"We knew that coming to Brazil would be a difficult weekend and we were not fast enough to score today. We managed to get three positions after another strong start and we had good, clean battles with Nico and other cars. but we simply did not have the speed, so we could not make enough progress. Today I wanted more, so we work for Abu Dhabi. "

Cyril Abiteboul, the team

"After two good races, it is disappointing to have a weekend like we did in Brazil. We fought in qualifications and could not get positions after the start. No car was able to use our race time, which, though better than some of the cars ahead of us enough to find them.We have retired Nica as a precautionary measure because of the excessive engine temperature because we did not want to risk losing the PU elements in front of Abu Dhabi, there was little to lose out of this approach due to its position on the trail.Taking the most out of Carlos, but it was not enough to score us today. "This race re-emphasized that we have a variation in our competitiveness that will be the focus of winter. It is clear that we have to be more consistent looking at the season."


Alonso was lavish and cruel throughout the race, and his mood did not improve by taking his team-mate. All in all, his final Brazilian Grand Prix left everyone interested and had another chance to finish the F1 career in style. Vandoorne finally had something to smile, surmounting her, while being hit with a time of punishment for breaking the blue flag together with her teammate.

Fernando Alonso, 17th

"It was hard today, we gambled a little on the strategy, stopping very early to overtake some cars in front, but it did not work for us. As it turned out, the middle tires were shining and we were not competitive in the second part of the race.

"Also, my pit-stop was not clean and smooth, and we've been lost there for a while.

"Overall, we were too slow for the whole weekend. We simply did not have a step to be in the top ten, so today, no matter what strategy we've been doing or we've been trying today, I think the points were unavailable."

Stoffel Vandoorne, 14th place

"Today it was a good race for me. I'm really happy with how it all went, although today's result was not what we hoped for.

"It was a tough race from my side, and I felt like I was maximizing today. I had a few good prestige and nice fights with Fernando, and we went beyond Williams, so I think we did the most we could today.

"We played a good strategy, and we did a good job to move a little further in the first place so that the tires lasted longer than the others, went to the tires and had a good pair of races, and from which we had a good race, today it can not be considered to be big race, but overall, I'm quite happy we did it. Today, looking at where it was the whole weekend, it was the best we could do. "

Gil de Ferran, Sports Director

"This was a tough race for us, Fernando had a good first lap, which put us in a better position." We decided to make it relatively early to allow him to skim some riders, but unfortunately we had a problem over the course, which was essentially killing his hand, since any progress had hindered the traffic and blue flags. However, that there was no experience of our crew who noticed the problem with the right rear wheel, the result could be the end of the race. and always.

"At Stoffel's side, the start of his race was blurred by traffic, however, as the race continued, he made a steady progress, showing good steps in the final stages and finished at a point-to-point distance of 11th.

"As it happened, we did not have the pace this week for the points fight. We left Brazil obviously disappointed but also strengthened by the great Brazilian Grand Prix and all the support we have experienced over our weekend from our McLaren fans."

Toro Rosso

This could be an embarrassing mistake. Hartley, on the fast-paced tires, was just behind Gasle in the P11 fight. The team told Gasly to let him go. The passage after the circuit went off, and the French would not move until Kiwi had attacked, believing that he had missed it. Both drivers had words on the radio with their engineers, and the aerial waves became all blue while both drivers were radiating one to the other. Everything was in vain when no one came home inside the points, but … it was a fun exchange if he did not talk to the team.

Pierre Gasly, 13

"I had some good battles today, but it was a tough race. I got a good start and got to P8, but then we obviously suffered compared to our direct competitors. I tried to fight as much as I could but we did not have the speed today We knew that Brazil would be tough, but after the show we showed in Mexico we were a bit more optimistic, so we were a bit disappointed at how the race took place. end up in a high position! "

Brendon Hartley, 11 years old

"It's a very good race for me, so boring is that you do not get points as a prize, but there is no retirement to capitalize on the front. I started on a heavier relationship so it was a bit difficult for me during the first few laps but still I had to keep the tires as long as possible in the first place, I had excellent feedback from the pit wall and the strategy worked well I felt that this was one of the best I did my F1 career without awards, but the team would work hard in the next few weeks to understand why we had such good races in Mexico, but two weeks later they fought in Brazil. "

Franz Tost, the team

"We started the race with Pierre in the ninth position and finished just 13th, so it was not a satisfying result for us. The race pace was not there and we were just too slow so we had to analyze why. Brendon started from the 16th with their Medium, and we pitted him very late to switch to the Supersoft which was a very good move, because he was able to increase his pace towards the end of the race. However, we were not able to score points today. "

Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda F1 Technical Director

"Both cars finished the race, but our package was not fast enough to finish in the points and we were unable to make the most of Gasly's ninth place grid position. We must analyse all the data from this weekend and try to do better in the final round of the season in two weeks’ time. On behalf of Honda, I offer our congratulations to Mercedes on winning the Constructors’ title today.”


Williams were off the pace in qualifying and couldn’t get involved in the action during the race either. They tried to one-stop both cars, but Stroll couldn’t make his tyres last and pitted late for a fresh set which dropped him to the back of the field. Sirotkin finished slightly higher but there aren’t many positives to draw for the team with one race left to salvage something from their season.

Sergey Sirotkin, 16th

"Straight away from the beginning, it was a very difficult race. We were missing the pace of the cars around us. It was tricky during the first laps, I felt like I was dancing on ice, not just to fight but even to keep the car on track. I was trying to protect the positions and it ruined the rhythm, so it took a while to settle down. We never really had the pace to recover so all race it was about survival. It was very difficult to manage and keep everything under control for such a long stint, so very disappointed after a tricky race."

Lance Stroll, 18th

"It was a long, hard race. I had a good start and then I was just getting out of the way for blue flags and managing tyres, but ultimately that wasn't good enough as we were too slow. That is the nature of the track also, as it is very tight and there are not many corners, so it is tough to get out of the way. It was far from the most exciting race. The bottom line is we were not quick enough, and I am not sure we could have done anything with our strategy."

Paddy Lowe, Chief Technical Officer

"It was a frustrating race with lots of blue flags. We took a gamble with our strategy, stopping early to get both cars onto the prime tyre in an attempt to undercut the cars we were racing. Unfortunately, this didn’t pay off due to the degradation of the prime tyre and both cars progressively lost positions. These aren’t the results we were hoping for today, however both drivers drove well, within the limits of the car, and performed the necessary tyre management."


Mario Isola, Head of Car Racing

“As expected weather conditions were warmer today, which contributed to some cases of blistering. Brazil was definitely one of the most entertaining races of the year, where strategy was not only crucial but also very varied. Despite these extremely different approaches, the fight was very close among all the top teams and there was plenty of wheel-to-wheel racing, which is exactly the objective that we are all aiming for in Formula 1: drivers pushing hard for the win rather than managing pace. Red Bull and Max Verstappen made particularly good use of the tyres by showing consistent race-winning pace while using only the two softest compounds and stopping just once. Congratulations to Mercedes for another manufacturers’ title, sealed with another victory for Lewis Hamilton.”

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