Tuesday , May 18 2021

Your seats can be comfortable, smell better in the cabin of the future

Commercial flight may have lost its mythical attraction from long ago – I think crowds in transport equipment, carriers, and the premature Airbus A380 – but airline companies still take on the attempts to improve the passengers' experience on the plane. In the hyper-competitive world of aviation, greater cabin comfort can also be the main selling point for aviation companies, and cabin facilities (or their lack) often discuss features on social media platforms.

At the annual exhibition at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, the largest showcase for cabin innovations, hundreds of exhibitors presented new seats, fabrics, lights, live entertainment systems, or creative layouts. One big trend at this year's exhibition: Better use of data generated in the cabin to allow for customized passenger experience, support for stubble and maintenance of complex business class seats or kitchen spaces.

Below is a list of some of the key trends and features featured by more than 500 exhibitors at this year's exhibition in Hamburg.

Feel like home

For decades, seat and cabinet fabrics move from psychedelic to silenced tones. The latest trend is more domestic feeling. Lantal Textiles, a manufacturer of aviation fabrics, has introduced a curtain of multi-ply cabinets, three-dimensional weaving, and Lonseal floor coverings that imitate grain details of real wood for a soothing atmosphere in the cab space.

Mood illumination is still the main driving force of innovation in the cabin, but the new generation of LED lights also allows airlines to significantly reduce weight. Collins Aerospace has introduced a reading lamp that can be adapted to various applications, from high point to small targets, full color options, eliminating the need for additional elements such as side lighting.

Be comfortable (even in economics)

Table seats in business and first-class rooms have been feature for more than a decade, but the modest seat for the economy remained largely built for purpose: slim, lightweight, limited comfort. Recaro Holding GmbH has introduced a redesign of its CL3710 rear section of the cabin built specifically for long routes, which includes additional sleeping aids, such as a wrapped head restraint and retractable bushings for seat extension and more support for the thighs. , Do you feel too hot or cold in the cabin? Lantal works on a temperature control system that allows the user to warm or cool his seat.

In the more luxurious range of cabs, Airbus is experimenting with a new seating arrangement that is called a seating corner, combining a bench seat design chair that can be used for meetings during a flight or a break-in.

Smell and sensibility

Do you feel nausea because a stale smell passes through the cabin? Panasonic Avionics Corp. brings in the cabin an air deodorizing system that cleans the area around (business) passenger seats, using nano-sized electrostatic atomic particles to neutralize air and fight against viruses and bacteria. At an exhibition in Hamburg, engineers featured technology using a piece of fabric sparkled with the suspicious scent of stale nuts. After about a minute of cracking of nano-particles, the odor was clean.

In Fokker Technologies, engineers are working on introducing special smelling cabins, and the company is collaborating with the Rituals cosmetics brand on a product that distributes smells through the air conditioning system, promising greater passenger comfort or the ability to create aviation scent signatures. for better brand recognition.


While entertainment has gone a long way since the film has been projected on a screen with a bath resolution, it is still a long way to turn media offer into a dedicated, personal experience for every passenger. Maps during the flight remain one of the most popular features in the cabin, but the experience lags behind the features that have turned into personal mobile devices. Panasonic has created a map that uses personal travel information from the Passenger Loyalty Program Profile and integrates with features of the flight fun and environment details as well as destinations. Coming to aviation companies next year, the chart also allows passengers to use FlightAware data that follows the flight of other aircraft.

Smart containers

Few things get worse than staying in a luggage compartment after a long trip, which is why more and more people are trying to pick up their luggage in the compartments above their heads. Both Airbus and Boeing worked on larger containers, and Boeing presented a new layout of its 777X wide aircraft. Airbus also wants to make the containers smarter, using the accompanying sensors if a cabinet is used, as well as the weight of loaded luggage, providing vital information to the airline company about the rates of availability. At some point in the future, Airbus wants to give passengers the opportunity to book their own bin space, helping to overcome the battles in the cabin between storage space passengers.

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