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14 year old teenager, several tweets and warnings to Apple: story of a serious failure of FaceTime security

Grant, a 14-year-old teenager from Tucson in the US, discovered FaceTime's failure to trigger an iPhone microphone user who calls before accepting the call.

The young man discovered the discovery on January 20th, and his mother, Michele Thompson, came to Apple several times to explain this problem but never got the answer.

This is the fault that the phone turns into a kind of spy device. Data has been released this week and Apple said it was already working on finding the solution, also urging users to disable FaceTime. On the other hand, it deactivated the group video call function.

Grant discovered that mistake while trying to contact Facetime with a friend to coordinate a group video game. But his friend never answered. Then he added other friends to the conversation and for a moment realized that he was listening to everything that went through the iPhone of that first friend who did not answer the call.

He told his mother who could see this man himself. Since then, Michele called and wrote to Apple's support service to explain this inconvenience. He even wrote tweets with Tim Cook and even sent a fax company.

"My son has found a security vulnerability in Apple's new iOS You can listen to your iPhone / iPad without your permission I sent a problem at @ AppleSupport … waiting for the answer to the details What a fear This is being read in one of the tweets that is published.

For nine days, his alertness was completely ignored. Only this week was a known mistake after the clips were viralized, giving us bug information, and the company publicly assumed that this problem had occurred.

"We reported the mistake to Apple and we are waiting for the answer. We will not give details because it is a serious security risk, but it's unbelievable that my 14-year-old son has found it," says one of the tweets Michelle announced.

It now requires the company to recognize its discovery. "Apple should reward people for reporting things of this nature, not just for rewarding programmers or people familiar with this technology," the woman said at CNN. He added, "I think it would be great to thank him."

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