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6 widespread myths about training and fat loss

Many are waiting for the summer to show not only physical advancement of your training, but take advantage of leisure time increase your body activity and exercise, do more to be noticed.

Although there are times when work does not look as much as you want. Can you do something wrong? Talk to top athlete and health manager Miguel Camarena, who helps us to disarm Myths about exercise and fat loss.

You can do crunches to get rid of abdominal fat

– I'm sorry to have to tell you that You can not remove fat in a localized wayThe fact that the abdominal muscles train will be properly strengthened and grow, but will not serve to resolve the fat that covers it – he tells us.

More cardio better lose body fat

– It's true cardiovascular training (running, jumping, riding a bicycle) helps to consume calories, but if you go, if you continue with a long lasting effort, cortisol will greatly increase. This increase causes a hormonal imbalance between testosterone and cortisol, what he does your rebel fat does not disappearLong-lasting continuous cardio also favors loss of muscle mass, he adds.

<image id = "summary_1" photo "onclick =" javascript: widePhoto (this, & # 39; /deporteyvida/imagenes/2019/06/30/portada/1561890544_670164_1561891410_sumario_grande.jpg&#39 ;, & # 39; 976 & # 39; , & # 39; 650 & # 39; Power Training & Cardiovascular Training will be the key to fat loss.

Training strength and cardiovascular training will be the key to fat loss.

You begin to burn fat after 40 minutes of aerobic activity

"This is one of the newest myths, and that is." false. I will explain it in a simple way: the body, to get energy, to use fat or glucose reserves that we have (always use both fuels, albeit at a higher or lower percentage, depending on the activity). There are also times when you get energy from other sources such as phosphocreatine, but I do not want to interfere, "explains Deporte y Vida.

"By type of activity, the body consumes a higher percentage of glucose or fat, The fact of carrying out activities as cRunning at a silent pace means that a higher percentage of consumed energy comes from fat reserves, but if you eat more than you spend at the end of a day, you will gain weightOn the other hand, if you are less eaten, even if you have been weight training with your body getting the highest percentage of glucose energy, you would lose weight.The important thing is the energy deficit at the end of the day! ", emphasizes.

"The birth of this myth is because, When you are doing aerobic activity for more than 30 minutes, your body gets energy in a higher percentage of fat and lower in glucose, it means Camarena.

The best thing to lose fat is to run for a long time

"Body fat loss ideally combines workout training and high intensity cardiovascular training (HIIT tip), maintaining high daily body activity as it may be walking between 10 and 15 km per day", denotes.

"Obviously, if you like to run, do it, but do not stop working training with load and high intensity (HIIT). As I told you a few myths up, running for a long time causes cortisol to rise, which goes against our goal", reminds us.

When you stop exercising with weights, the muscle you become becomes fat

"That's totally wrong There is no process in the human body that causes the muscle to turn into fatWhat can happen if you stop exercising with the load and start eating more, is it on the one hand they lose their muscle mass and on the other hand they get oily mass"influences.

It is better to perform many repetitions with little weight in the gym to lose the fat

"Performing 10 sets of 100 reps from the turn to the 5 kg chest will not force you to burn fat, that's another myth. It is much better to perform 10 sets of 10 to 15 weight reps that allows you to make up to one or two repetitionsIt is also important the time we are under muscular tensionie the seconds each repeat takes, "explains.

A type of fat loss training

  • Good planning that involves strength training (which can be with your own body weight or external weight, like dumbbells or machines) and cardiovascular training.
  • EHigh Intensity HIIT Exercises (only for people who work cardiovascular exercises for some time and can move to a higher level).
  • Keep an active lifestyle (giving at least 10,000 steps each day) and moving as much as possible every day. Although you train for one hour a day, if you are the other 23 in the chair, you will not be able to have health or easily lose fat.
  • In the end, To lose fat is very important that there is an energy deficitthat is, to eat less calories than you need, and they come from healthy foods. So your body can use your fat reserves as a source of energy.

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