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A 13-year-old boy injured by riding a quad bike in Pinamar – 31.12.2018

A boy of 13 years has finished In hospital in Pinamaru after an accident with a quad bicycle in the dunes north of this city.

The juvenile, whose identity did not exceed, drove competitive quadricycle, high displacement, in the northern part of the municipality, and overturned.

The young man circled in the private area, outside the "safe zone" designated by the municipality, but according to witnesses quoted by the founder Ville Gesell, there were no signs of different zones.

ATVs in Pinamaru, the problem of each season (Andrés D &

ATVs in Pinamaru, the problem of each season (Andrés D &

The boy was obviously driving without a helmet and his leg will lock while driving. Due to the accident, the soft tissue was damaged in the front of the ankle and had to be masked at the Pinamar Joint Hospital, according to the details bugle Eduardo D Agostino, city health secretary, who dismissed the possibility that it was broken, as it happened at first.

Mayor of Pinamar, Martin Yeza, confirmed in these newspapers that the accident occurred "in a private area, the juvenile entered a non-safe area so that he could move in four." "He had to go to a place without a palisade, though some of the empaths had to break," Yeza said, who said that with the fours there are controls of the National Road Safety Agency, Provincial Police and Tranzit Municipal Agents. "

However, the official has admitted that the sign indicating the zones established by the municipality as "safe" for traffic in the quads will be available "within the next few days".

To drive a quad bike, you have to be older than 16 years and have a license, This summer new provisions for these vehicles came into effect all over the coast, which are now only allowed in corridors that each municipality has designed until they reach the areas defined for recreational use.

Areas where you can drive with quads in Pinamar (Pinamar Municipality)

Areas where you can drive with quads in Pinamar (Pinamar Municipality)

So in the Pinamar municipality it is allowed to circulate three beaches: from the Pinamar border in the north, from the nautical descent of Valeria del Mar to Hemingway Cariló, and from the entrance of Divisadero Cariló towards Villa Gesell. The ban is held on a public beach.

Mayor of Pinamarense explained that fines for offenses such as those who ended up with an injured child – a small run and a forbidden area – could range from 12,000 to 50,000. As for sanctions against those who violate regulations pertaining to these vehicles, in addition to economic punishment, the security forces will follow them in the area of ​​police abduction.

Report: Julieta Roffo (Special Envoy)

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