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A complete list of news that will come to Samsung Galaxy 2019

Samsung Galaxy S9 already has the beta version of Android 9 in Spain

Now that Samsung has already begun your specific implementation of Android 9.0 via beta, currently only compatible with Galaxy S9 and Note9, end-user users are waiting to be able to test news that will bring the latest operating system version, which in turn will be the first to incorporate one UI, a new customization layer filled with new features and improvements compared to Samsung Experience 9.

Today, just one day after the release of the other beta version of Android Pie for the Galaxy S9 and after launching the appropriate Note9 test program, Samsung announced in Samsung's application a complete list of novelties that will come up with the model of your catalog during 2019.

All news that will come – or not – to Samsung mobile device 2019

Samsung, ONE Ui

As noted in developers of XDA Developers, Samsung has announced all the news that will arrive between the Galaxy Series phones throughout the year and the next. Without further notice, this is a complete list of news.

  • News on the road
    • Galaxy S9 and Note9 were added in the cell and feminine emoji.

    • The "Featured Events" option was added to the monthly view in v4.2.14.3
    • The ability to use a Korean lunar calendar, a Chinese lunar calendar, a Shamsi calendar, or a Hijri calendar will be offered in updated Android Pie models.
    • You will be offered the ability to use filters to show incoming or outgoing calls in updated Android Pie models.
    • When you click "Call Record" in the saved phone number, the number will be displayed in the extended model view updated on Android Pie.

    • The "Selfie Focus" mode was added to the Galaxy A series models launched in the second half of 2018.
  • LOOK

    • Color and transparency settings have been added to the clock widget background in models upgraded to Android Pie.

    • Added the ability to organize albums in folders in the gallery in updated Android Pie models.

    • You can use S Pen to navigate through the web pages.

    • You can long-press the number buttons, then access the numbers "Wester Arabics" in models updated with Android Pie.
    • Search for emoji has been added to updated Android Pie models.
    • Phone numbers will be displayed on the screen when you write a message about updated models on Android Pie.

    • You can add vehicle information when you select a place in the reminder in models updated with Android Pie.

    • Upgraded Android Pie models will add HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File Format).

    • An option will be added that will allow you to select sound, vibration, or silence when using routines.
    • The speed will remain constant when you move the upper bar while using the Blur effect in QuickStar.

    • Background settings can be changed.
    • You can zoom in the notes written in the manuscript mode.

Some of these events will arrive in the month of December, which will soon enter, while others will wait until the first or second half of next year in 2018Although models that receive news are not listed, we assume that all recent Galaxy J, A, S and Note family updates will update sooner or later with all these options.

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