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"A Serious Error of Cambiemos," Alfred Leuco

January 31, 2019

New editorial Alfredo Leuco for "I give my word".

Governor María Eugenia Vidal has just caused great damage to his candidacy and President Macri. With the excuse to "help Mauricio and not leave him alone" they committed a very serious mistake that could have unpredictable consequences.

Politics has its own logic of common sense and does not need too semiological sophistication to make fundamental decisions. Vidal, who is the person with the most positive image of the province and with the utmost intent to vote, has been quick to announce that he has decided not to improve the province's elections.

Explanations are dangerous political genius. The arguments are so fragile that they raise doubts: Vidal and Macri confuse the good with the relief to scam them. There is a significant difference between both concepts.

They do not rule in Switzerland and do not have a Canadian political party as their electoral opponent. Peronism in general is an expert in political artifacts coming to power, maintaining power and preventing another party from managing time and shape until the last day.

Exactly 90 years ago it happened. From Marcela T de Alveara that only Peronism ends its mandate. They disguise themselves in ideological clothing of the moment and mutate. If you have to be established and give the absolute power of syndicalism, there is the founder, Juan Domingo Perón.

If you have to be liberal and private, Carlos Menem arrives. And if you have to be Chavista against justice and the media and corrupted against all pockets, Kirchner's marriage appears. Then everyone says Menem or Kirchners were not Peronists. Yes you have to recover the center as Pichetto or Lavagna say.

Peronism K should not be underestimated. Ambulatory freedom is played. Especially Cristina, her daughter, her ministers, and almost all her secretaries. They all became millionaires and led an illegal association that more serious crimes were committed in Argentina's democratic history.

That's why they are capable of everything. Reform the Constitution to bring justice to the service of the people, said Diana Conti. Paralyzize the country as proposed by Moyano and Baradel and to extradite the media to Donor Julio de Vido's prison radio.

I hope he will not follow the advice of Luis D & Elia who proposed to shoot his opponents. Or those of Hebe who demand that the Taser electric gun be tested with the children of Macri and Patricie Bullrich.

Therefore, the election and cultural struggle against these mobsters must be the happiness and truth and all the political artillery that can. Covering formalities such as not changing the rules of the game very close to the election or "complicating the lives of people in Buenos Aires," the surface does not seem to understand the dimension of the battle that comes between the chavism of the mafia and democracy. republican.

If Cristina returns to power, they will not be advised to change everything they need to stay and live, like Eve, like Madura, as well as all left-wing fascists who want to be eternal. And of course, like almost all the current governors.

If they really believe it is unnecessary, they should think about the mountains of money Kirchnerism has spent and stole, and about what to steal if they return to power. It's an unsustainable excuse for your short flight.

The simplest form of political analysis is to ask about a certain medium, who has benefits and harms it. Who postponed champagne? Cristina. Who barked his lips not to glorify the sledgehammer? Intendent of the Buenos Aires province.

Who is the hardest hit by this unusual decision? Macro and Vidal. And all the Argentines who believed them to fulfill their most important mission: to create conditions for the re-establishment of the republic and not to return populism to power.

They did the opposite. Today Cristina is closer to returning to Rivadavia's chair than yesterday. And I explain the reasons. I told the governor to live and live on Mirth Legrand.

In the trick there is only one way to get lost with the aso of the sword and the aso of roughness. Playing both in the same hand. And the way to never lose is to do the first. Every athlete knows that.

First goal in the final. The first very strong kick in the boxing match. Usually, the adversary is confused and halfway in the ropes. If Vidal won the election comfortably as all polls say, Cambiemos has produced several positive effects at the same time.

He defeated Cristina the third and fourth time in the area where he has the best deal and has the highest number of votes. It left her at the edge of the political knockout. This caused problems that were very difficult to solve the PJ intendants in Buenos Aires who did not want to have a figure from the cashier that pushed them out of the ballot paper.

Today Kicillof or Martín Insaurralde are 20 points behind Vidal. But now, with the united election, Macri lowers Vidal's power of vote, and Cristina increases the votes of the intendants and the candidate for the governor. How much? What percentage? It is not known, it is difficult to identify numerically.

But there is no doubt that Vidal himself, with early elections, made a big difference in the voices and offered Macri's victory that left him at the edge of re-election.

Since the defeated Peronism in Buenos Aires had to change the economic climate and inject optimism, and because Vidal could hold Macri's side as a seal in the pre-election campaign, with a stamp of a newly elected governor in the service of his political leader and president.

Above the PASO (who turned none of it), he helped him to order Kirhnerism, which can not order Cristinina's pity and sectarianism.

Vidal and Macri shot at the foot. Now in the worst case they have more chances to lose choices. And at best, if Cristina returns to do some awkwardness as in previous elections, they can win, but with a smaller margin.

It also affects the next government. Because if they win very hard, they will not achieve the parliamentary majority they need and leave Kirchner with a political and competitive life behind the corner.

I hope I'm wrong in the analysis. But Cambiemos was deprived of victory in 38% of the standard, and with that triumph he embraced mysticism and optimism to make another battle in October. If the economy continues to give bad news, the national government will have to break the back.

It was easier to expose the elections and to seek the most difficult way with the Swedish arguments. They have become unnecessary risk. Vidal linked his luck with Macro, and if they really worked as a team, Macri was supposed to be tied to Vidal's fate. This is a positive pragmatism.

Conducting elections in the province is not a crime. In fact, almost all Peronist provinces do it and nobody loses their rings. There is some guilt in exploiting the power that Cambiemos must eradicate from its administration.

Do not steal, commit crimes, or punish anyone. That would be the same as Kirchners. But a trick of trick, cunning, a sense of opportunity that is not opportunism are not traps.

It is to know how to play within the rules and laws, but it creates the best conditions for winning such crucial choices as the one who comes. This is a historic choice and it would be unforgivable to allow this opportunity. I remind you there is no ballot paper in the province.

One who loses one voice loses. And he ended up. If he loses Vidala, it would be a triumph for police, trade union, drug trafficking and prison mafia. You can not endanger it almost with spiritual itchiness. Politics should not be for thieves.

But not for those who play dominoes when their rivals are thrown away with nuclear missiles. Being good is what suits. Being too blind or naive is a way not to go to the mother of all the battles with all the power intact. More than a misfortune or a serious mistake, it could be political suicide.

"The Beatles, Floating in the Fallen," Alfred Leuco

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