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A shocking Facebook publication on Gissel's sister chronicle

Sister Street Gisella Solís, a dentist whose body was found yesterday in Ensenada, published a letter in his social network in which he asked for prayer on behalf of his cousin and thanked the judiciary, the police and the press for a job to find.

"I found it, not like my heart would want it to be alive", expressed in your Facebook account, Street Mariela SolísHe thanked God for the strength he gave him becausethat you can find it at the end " and explained it "Without his help, it would be unbearable and impossible to deal with him", Then he asked his friends and family to light the candle and pray to our Father "praying God for the eternal rest of the soul of Gisela, giving her the last greetings".

He also thanked for the release, "the police and all its members, the prosecutor and his staff, all those good people who came with my heart to walk long and people who made their call and visit me, the masters of the rushes and the dog's body"He thanked at the same time "all people who shared search messages and the media in general for their support and respect".

Solís Calle was last seen live on January 16, and for two weeks La Plata, Villa Elisa, Ensenada, Berisso, Magdalena, Guernica in more than six races with agents of DDI La Plate, Communications, Scientific, Dog, Equestrian, search and rescue, firefighters and rescue with a kayak, following the appeal of his family.

On Tuesday, the body of the woman was found wrapped in sheets, buried at 40 centimeters, at the edge of the so-called. Camino Negro, abandoned routes connecting Villa Elisa and Punta Lara.

The whole letter

"I have made it, not as it would be my heart wanted to live … Despite my sad reality, I have to thank GOD for the power he has given me all these days and because he listened to me when I asked him to find him in True, without his help, it would be unbearable and impossible to handle.
I want to thank the police and all its members, the prosecutor and all the staff, all the good people who followed me from my heart to walk the long days and the people who wanted to call me and visit me, gentlemen of the dildo and the dog's body. Pati, Marcela, Wilbert, Juliet, who for a few days forced them to think as criminals to understand a little bit about what happened … All the people who shared my sister's exams and those who did not know me and they helped me. For journalists in the grid. for your support and respect for me and my family.
My last request to you, my family in Peru, for my good friends and acquaintances, is to light a candle at 22 o'clock (Argentine time) and pray for our father seeking God for the eternal rest of Gissel's soul, giving him the last goodbye … "

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