Sunday , January 24 2021

A strong earthquake caused landslides in Humahuaca – Vijesti

The seismic movement occurred 106 kilometers north of San Salvador de Jujuy, 177 kilometers north of Salta and 34 kilometers east of Humahuaca.

The depth was 17 kilometers, and was felt in San Ramón de la Nueva Orán, the capital of Salta, the city of Jujuy and the city of General San Martín.

In addition, there was a landslide in the hills of Humahuaca and it is still unknown whether there was any material damage.

Landslide on La Pollera Hill, earthquake-stricken in Yacoraite (courtesy of Gustavo Mendoza)

Teacher Dora Gómez, a resident of Humahuace, told Chain 3 that your house has moved like never before.

“I was watching TV and I felt a very loud noise, the room was shaking as if someone was shaking everything, it was 7 continuous seconds, I felt it in a terribly strong way. I felt a shiver, but never this size,” he described.

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“There have been explosions involving landslides in the hills of Peña Blanca and others in Yacoraite,” he added.

In Tilcara it was the place where the trembling was felt most strongly, while in the capital Salta it was of lesser intensity.

Report by Elise Zamora

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