Saturday , May 15 2021

After a wide triumph of Arcioni, Kirchner won the lead in Chubut

While Governor Mariano Arcioni from the Chubut Al Frente coalition and in line with federal peronism overwhelmed a very wide difference last night, with 31.8% of votes in PASO, Kirchnerist Gustavo Mac Karthy, Mayor Comodoro Rivadavia, will be a candidate who will compete on general elections in Chubu on June 9th.

These were the calculation of electoral justice of 98% of counted tables.

Inner Justice is defined by a four-point limit: Linares got 16.6%, while moderate Peronist Gustavo Mac Karthy from Trelew concentrated 14.08%. Elections have shown very little interest among registered voters, and the absence of more than 130 people in the elections marked the elections in Patagonia.

The joining of the Justicia, if votes from three candidates in the first election, including voices of Omar Burgo (3.6%), received a greater number of votes than the verdict, The difference was below two points: 33.02% versus 31.84% of the total number of surrogates.

Although two months of campaigning are in front of us until the generals deprive Cohesion of Peronist's right to effectively sneeze without scattering behind Linares.

Faced with this scenario, the main fight in June would be projected between the continuity of the mandates of Arcioni and Kirhnerismo, in the agreed unity with peronism.

Of course, only the officials voted in this province historically uneven, More guided by territorial issues and pragmatic and useful voting from the one with the intent to strengthen the candidates of the units of righteousness, always dodge in this Patagonian neighborhood.

For now, no one can safely say that adherence to PJ is disciplined behind candidates of Christian faith such as Linares. This did not happen in the previous elections with other aspects of Peronism, where historically there was a large dispersal of voices.

"We have won by our decision and the invitation that the interests of the provinces and peoples of Chubut prevail over the crap of the nation with all the benefits that he has tried to impose on us. People believe in our leadership and we know that we defend the people of Chubut and Patagonia, "said the excited Arcioni in a dialogue with Infobae. His performance at this election test brings him closer to the resignation than his government continuity.

"According to the general, we will continue with more management in the same line," he added. He also said that his administration succeeded in turning the inherited red on the accounts of the "800 million pcs per month" to "achieving a fiscal balance", in line with promised payment schemes for public officials.

Arcioni is a a relatively new figure in politicsHe jumped into the provincial arena of Suggested by Sergia Massa for Mario Das Neves In 2015, when the late caudillo sought for his form a disaster of an unfavorable bastion such as Comodoro Rivadavia, an area dominated by Kirghizmism.

About his membership in federal peronism, the president said it at the national level will not match any candidate, "Chubut thinks first of Chubut," he said.

Heavy Blow for Change

The surprise choice was undoubtedly We change weak results. The National Deputy of Radical Origin, Gustavo Menna, who sought to re-publish the results of the 2017 Legislative Legislature, which is in the second place with a small difference of 5800 against Arcion, this time he received less than half of the votes the governor gave: 14%.

Defeat in Chubu was added to the small escort Cambiemos shows in the Patagonian region: yesterday he also the ruling coalition took third place in Rio Negro, as it happened in Neuquén.

The result of PASO in Chubut, according to political analysts, is a height to national administration in the area where the National Executive Department has a very broad rejection.

Lean menne results could be read, exactly, like strongly opposed to economic policy implemented by President Mauricio Macri, The theme that shook the ruling party and Peronism during the campaign. "There is no other factor explaining why Menna has been well-chosen for more than 30 percent of the vote two years ago and now shows a low level of adherence, which is explained by voting on the Cambiemos sentence," explained the exalted local political analyst. The results achieved a trace of paragraph with what happened in Neuquén, where Pechi Quiroga, Cambiemosa's candidate, was proclaimed Mennom. Both in third place.

Although general elections are still far away, the same source finds that "It is extremely difficult to change the difference of 16 points for Change. "

"When the trend has already proven an excellent choice, I called Arcioni to congratulate him"Said Menna Infobae, He announced that he will analyze his election number with his team and correct what needs to be corrected to continue the struggle in the general election.

"We won in five districts, and even though the macroeconomic situation could affect our results, we also believe that high absences in the elections this could have hurt us. Our goal was to reach 25% and reach a second. Obviously, this is a disappointment. But we will continue to promote our proposal in the province, "Menna added.

As Cambiemos' candidate points out, inElection choices were high absences in the elections, with 30% of voters They ignored the elections. In addition, 10% of the votes were blank or invalid.

Another peculiarity was the resilience with which the official data was submitted. After 3 o'clock in the morning, 98% of the tables were processed. And more than 130,000 people are fleeing the elections.

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