Monday , May 17 2021

Against whom would we go and when Boca and River would find the Super League Cup?

Although the last Superliga date is still to be closed and the results will change crosses, Boca and River have some confirmed issues ahead of the next Super League Cup.

The first thing they both know is that they will start in the eighth finals because they have finished the race between the first six. Bottle is the third and River will end in fourth place.

Since the first (Racing) and the fourth of the Super League on one side of the key, and the other (defense and justice) and the third on the other side, the Boca and River can only cross in the eventual finals.

As they waited for the last games, Xeneize would have been facing Rosario Central or Godoy Cruz so far, while a millionaire would be waiting for Patronato or Hurricane. Likewise, this will change with the results this Sunday.

Super League Cup: Six teams have been defined that will enter the second round

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