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Airbus launches 5% after announcing it will halt A380 production

European group Airbus announced on Thursday that it will stop producing its A380 aircraft in 2021 After the main buyer of this device, Emirates, decided to modify part of their orders to replace them with the A330-900 and A350-900, which look more efficient. News is well-received in the markets, as stocks rose by more than 5%.

The Emirates, who had to have 162 aircraft in their orders up to now, will eventually only receive 123, replacing the new Airbus deal for 40 A330-900 and 30 A350-900 aircraft.

In the statement, CEO Airbus, Tom Enders explained that "as a result of this decision, we do not have a significant A380 order book and therefore have no basis for A380 support, in spite of all the efforts we have made with the A380 in recent years"This brings us to delivery finalization A380 2021," Enders concluded.

Disappointment in the Emirates

Airline company emirat The emirates are "disappointed" today for the decision of the European Airbus group to stop producing its A380 aircraft in 2021, of which he was the main buyer of that aircraft.

"Emirates has been an unreserved supporters of the A380 since its inceptionAlthough we are disappointed that we have to give up our request and sad that the program can not be held, we accept that this is the reality of the situation, "said Shaykh Ahmed Bin Said Al Maktoum, president and chief executive officer. Emirates.

The Emirates, which had to comply with the previous orders had to get a total of 162 A380 aircraft, finally got another 14 aircraft by the end of 2021, so the remaining 123. In exchange, he signed a new contract with Airbus for 40 A330-900 units and 30 from A350-900 for a value of $ 21,400 million, the note states.

Earn 29% more

At the same time as this news, the company announced it in 2018 it earned EUR3.054 million, 29% more than in 2017. in spite of the new provisions for the military transport plan A400M, which is made up of Seville (Spain), this time for 436 million euros.

This additional fee, resulting from updating the procurements with the passes initiated by the A400M, above all the result of negotiations with these countries, as well as new calculations on export opportunities, rising prices and increased costs, Airbus said Thursday in a statement.

The European Aviation and Defense giant admitted that even with this new negative impact on its accounts, "there are still risks".

Risks to "developing technical capabilities and related costs, achieving sufficient export orders on time, as well as operational reliability of aircraft – especially on engines – and reducing costs according to the revised base."

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