Sunday , May 9 2021

Almirn points to another old acquaintance

A little bit, coach San Lorenzo de Almagro, Jorge Almirn, he coordinates his own team and leadership meets his desires. Boedo will have a tight schedule –seven games in 30 days– and with a lot of competition ahead in 2019. Before 2018 with several add-ons and a "short" team, a new technician, after coming to Cicln, set a condition for the arrival of a footballer's hierarchy.

Two days ago Fernando Monetti became the San Lorenzo goalkeeper. It remains to know what is happening to the other two: Nicolsom Navarro (present) and Sebastin Torric (deputy). The player came directly from Attel de Medelln, Colombia and the next few hours join the cyclone. Former Lans It was the express request Almirn, which have already focused on other opportunities. According to, The 29-year-old football player came to Boedo on a loan for six months with the option to buy.

Monetti returns to Argentine football and joins the newly founded: Ral Loaiza and Gustavo Torres (three partners in Colombia). Three days before the start of the presidency, the trainer is awaiting the arrival of another company. In his plans he is a football player Vctor Cuesta as an alternative to defending AzulgraneJorge turns to another old acquaintance I directed her to IndependienteThirty-year-old south has been playing for two years Inter from Porto Alegrea, where I achieved promotion on First.

In early 2017, Brazilians bought Independiente 50% of their transition to $ 2,000,000, although there is an important clause: since they did not buy before 2018, they have to pay two million more for the second half of their file. Originally from La Plate, he debuted in 2009 in the First National Circuit with Defense and Justice. Then he went to Arsenal (2011), recalled in Huracna (2013) and after the good performance of that season, he went to play at the Red de Avellaneda.

Campus Azulgrana returned on January 14th to challenge the classically unpardoned hurricane solution, scheduled for 20th day, corresponding to date 13. San Lorenzo will have a lot of activities since January, who the 2019 dispute in Superliga, the Argentine Cup and the Copa Libertadores, a competition in which F will join Palmeiras, Barranquille and the fourth team that could be Melgar, the University of Chile, Delfn, the National Paraguay or Caracas.

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